C2E2 2024 Sunday Cosplay Photos – Pt. 4

C2E2 2024 Sunday Feature

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) was held the weekend of April 26-28. We are approaching the end of our C2E2 2024 Sunday Cosplay Photos.

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As the final day of C2E2 2024 wound down, so did the crowds. Many stuck it out until the end (myself included), but many used Sunday as a day to wrap things up. People started to pack up their cars, and head home to prepare for the coming week.

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All in all, I felt like C2E2 this year was highly enjoyable. It felt like there was an extra bit of special with it being the 15th anniversary. Like most years there was some minor shuffling of the layout, the odd hiccups here and there, and of course more than one guest ended up canceling. These are things that are bound to happen with any convention, let alone one of this size. Overall, I did not hear about any major issues. I had a blast celebrating everything nerdy, cosplaying, and seeing so many of friends over the course of the weekend.

C2E2 will return April 11-13 for 2025, so be sure to mark your calendars so you don’t miss it!

Rate the Con

Our new thing for 2024 is to ask our readers to take a poll on some basic components of the con. We want to know how you rate the parking, the vendors and the food. The poll closes after 30 days and we will use this as a baseline for next years convention. We plan to keep a rating system set up for many of the conventions.


How Was the Food?
(Availability, Cost and Variety in the area)


How Were the Vendors?
(Variety and Quality)


How Was the Parking?
(Availability, Ease, and Cost)

We realize that these don’t apply to all conventions, so if they don’t apply to your con, give them a 5 star.

**Later additions to the rating systems will include things such as guests and ticket prices**

Here are the last of the C2E2 2024 Sunday Cosplay Photos I managed to capture at the convention. Even with more than one member of our site there, there were more wonderful cosplays than we could possibly catch. That said, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the con through our eyes!

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