Bruce Campbell Talks to PopcultHQ About New Kickstarter to Launch Last Fan Standing Series.


Chicago – Returning to the very location used for the first test of Last Fan Standing, Wizard World Chicago. The crowd was in for a treat as Bruce Campbell and partners announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for a second season of LAST FAN STANDING – created by Bruce Campbell and presented Pop Quiz Entertainment –PopcultHQ was in attendance at Wizard World Chicago when cult classic icon Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Burn Notice, The Evil Dead movies) asked fans for support on the all new Kickstarter campaign runing from August 20th through September 21st.

Last Fan Standing Kickstarter LINK

Last Fan Standing filmed 10 episodes at 2 conventions with 4 episodes shot in New Orleans and 6 in Portland in front of a live audience at Wizard World. Everyone in the audience was given a clicker and a chance to compete.

A trivia tournament that will involve the electric crowds from the Wizard World Comic Con fans around the country. The first season of LAST FAN STANDING was a shot live-to-tape right from the convention floor which exclusively aired on ConTV. Giving the average con-goers the chance to prove their ultimate Fanboy or Fangirl geek knowledge for a global internet audience. If you think you know Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones or you just think you know it all that is who Last Fan Standing wants for it’s show!

Introducing Wizard World’s CONtv with Jason David Frank

What will a successful Kickstarter mean for Last Fan Standing?

The Kickstarter campaign is out to raise $250,000 in order to upgrade production to a studio level quality show. In order to create an even more audacious season of “Last Fan Standing” with Groovy Bruce Campbell as the ever so “snarky host.” Currently the campaign is set to run from August 20th through September 21st.

Also in addition the show will be nail-biting speed rounds episode’s climactic “Final Confrontation,” the series’ producers promise exciting new rounds, even more playful badgering from Bruce, and possibly a cameo or two from some of the geek world’s biggest names.

Kickstarter Campaign Prizes!

The Kickstarter campaign is filled with “Bruce-love-able” perks – including signed Comics, Lunchboxes, a Personalized Voicemail – Even a bowling party with Bruce Campbell himself which PopcultHQ asked Bruce about after watching the Kickstarter video with Mr. Campbell and audience. Check out the Kickstarter  page and video for all the fabulous Campbell swag you get from just donating to help a great cause.

PopcultHQ talks with Groovy Bruce Campbell:

PopcultHQ – So looking at the Kickstarter prizes $25,000 gets you a bowling party with you? You would really do that?!

Bruce Campbell – “Yeah!! Wouldn’t that be great?!”

PopcultHQ – Well how excited are you about doing a bowling party with the fans?

Bruce Campbell – “I’m ready for it, I even got my own custom ball”

PopcultHQ – In the video it shows you wearing the iron hand….are you going to wear that too?

Bruce Campbell – “Look, you pay $25,000 I’ll wear anything you want!” (crowd laughs)

After the panel announcement and fan Q&A PopcultHQ was given the honor to speak to Bruce Campbell a bit more about the plans for future potential of Last Fan Standing if the Kickstarter should reach all its goals and become the hit we absolutely think it will be with the pop culture and geek crowds.

PopcultHQ – One thing we would love to see from Last Fan Standing would be a celebrity themed episodes. How cool would it be to see the cast of The Walking Dead face one another having to answer questions about their own show?

Bruce Campbell – “You could have a Walking Dead Tribute panel with Rooker and Norman Reedus.

PopcultHQ – YES! Yes, exactly

Bruce Campbell – “You could ask them questions about their own shows. Or even do a Burn Notice episode, having the actors answering questions about their own show or you have the creator Matt Nix answer questions about his own show.”

PopcultHQ – That would be a great great way to get fans really into the show.

Bruce Campbell – “Good, good you see the possibilities.”

PopcultHQ – Well Mr. Campbell, we promote Wizard World and CONtv with all their endeavors they are my biggest supporters for my website. Last Fan Standing season two plans are great and it looks to be a fantastic idea well on it’s way to be a pop culture hit! We will be doing our best to get the word out there for the Last Fan Standing Kickstarter program. Thank you for talking with Sir.

Bruce Campbell – “Good, good, right on! Thank you!”

PopcutlHQ Video of Last Fan Standing Kickstarter Panel and Announcement:

What is Last Fan Standing? The original idea came from a military style version of the game show with military based questions. Bruce figured let’s bring the that same thinking for fans of comic con and of their fanatic love and knowledge of the geek worlds you love. LAST FAN STANDING picks its contestants from among everyone who shows up to play; prove your knowledge of Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, and Superheroes by answering our pre-game questions, and you too can be up on stage with Bruce…though if you choke in front of the cameras – or your buzzer skills are lacking – you’re going right back down to your seat. Only the truest fan can be…the Last Fan Standing.