Meet Tracy V. Wilson from HowStuffWorks at C2E2

Tracy V. Wilson is a guests and panel speaker at this years C2E2. She is a name that you might not be familiar with, but you probably have seen her work.Tracy and her cohost, Holly Frey, will be talking about the history of pizza — where it came from, why it’s become such a junk food staple in so much of the world, and how Chicago developed its own style of deep-dish, cheesy-tomato goodness. Sounds like a pretty Yummy topic to me. […]

Comic Book News

PopCultHQ Spotlight Interview with the Creators of Independent Comics Next Smash Hit: “BLACK”

There is an amazing independent comic book about to introduce a dawn of an exciting, new chapter in creator-owned content. The veteran comic book group who have joined forces like a team […]