Wizard World Chicago Cosplay Spotlight – Ireland

wizard-world-logoEvery comic and gaming convention has cosplay; these are the people who pay to attend and go in various costumes. Most conventions also have their official Cosplay guests and Wizard World Chicago 2015 is no exception. Usually I am at least familiar with the official Cosplay guests, but this year there are some new faces so I thought I would take a look at them with a daily spotlight.


ireland3Having grown up on a farm in the Midwest, Ireland Reid is no stranger to hard work. At the age of 18 she decided that she wanted to be a model and shortly after that she made her way out to San Diego.

irelandLike many of us she grew up with video games and loved the fact that Halloween was an excuse to dress up. It wasn’t until her time out west that she truly discovered Cosplay and let her inner geek fully develop. She has now been making costumes for herself and others for over 14 years

ireland1Here is the official Wizard World Bio:

Ireland is a San Diego based International Cosplayer, Published Model, YouTuber, Gamer, Costume Designer who loves taking designing costumes to the extreme with creativity! Ireland has been making costumes for the fitness industry and for others in the cosplay world for over 14 years, starting from basic self-taught lessons on a simple sewing machine. She has a fine niche for even the slightest detail and is known for her specialty with Swarovski Elements in her pieces. She takes great pride in every one of her pieces whether she makes them for herself or others. When she is not working on cosplay, Ireland has her hands in many things surrounding the community from online game streams on her Twitch channel, to posting YouTube videos of her latest unboxings or explaining how she makes each cosplay. Aside from that, she shoots with local photographers for magazines and advertisements along with finishing her Master’s Degree in Marketing/Finance. Ireland has a background in Hardware Components Prototype Engineering along with teaching herself design and sewing techniques. When Ireland does get a free moment in her hectic but fun schedule, you can find her at the gym, playing sports or simply curled up with the latest sci-fi novel.

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