Valiant’s New Title “Faith” is Finally Upon Us – PopCultHQ Comic Book Review

Writer: Jody Houser, Artist: Francis Portela

Today’s comic book industry has problems. Not just editorial and creative problems but also problems from the pressures of Social Justice Warriors. These types of people make our lives miserable as comic fans. Always crying out for more diversity this and more diversity that. Most of the time you’ll discover these people don’t even read the comics they are clamoring for change to occur in. That’s always been the real pain in the ass for diversity in comics.

Usually the big two, DC Comics and Marvel Comics, never handle this well, always making it seem they are forcing change for the sake of change and yes, before you all jump on me, some of Marvel’s endeavors have been well done. Some, mind you.

However, Valiant has addressed a thing with women and that is the physical appearance. A few months back I reported how one of Valiant’s plus size female heroines was getting her own series. Well, Faith debuts at the end of the month and Valiant was kind enough to send us an advance copy of issue #1.

Of course I read it in a heartbeat and this is what I have to say:

It’s fantastic!

If we can remember from the original Harbinger series, Faith Herbert was a huge nerd and fan of superheroes. This incarnation of Faith is not too far from the mark. Going by the name Summer Smith now with a wig and glasses, Faith has a very Clark Kent identity; she even works as a blogger for an internet news site. She even learns that contrary to her own belief that she was one of the more popular members of the new Harbinger team.

Variant covers:

Faith fights hard to get away from everything she knew to start over. Basically showing how Peter Stancheck’s quest with his Harbinger Renegades to bring down Toyo Harada has ruined Faith’s life, she can never go home again. Even though her fellow teammates are living successful lives, Faith just wants to get away from it all yet also do good in the process.

Where this book goes from here is anyone’s guess. There is a story developing but it’s coming across as a real slow burn of sorts. Jody Houser writes a damn good story and her characterization of Faith is just like something right from Joshua Dysart’s Harbinger so you really don’t miss a beat!

Then we come back to the whole marketing aspect of this book. Faith, a plus size female, is fighting the good fight and not letting her weight get her down. Faith is always an enjoyable character to be around. If the characterizations and perhaps more interesting spins on her personal life come together without overshadowing the other this book could maybe go the distance. From Valiant I’m not surprised. This book is not written to preach, nor is it written to be placating Mary Sue of a character. This book is about an established Valiant character who just happens to be a plus-size woman who goes against the grain of what most imagine a super heroine to look like. Well worth the read!

Preview pages:

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale JANUARY 27

Updated news, as Valiant announces that SOLD-OUT Faith #1 will receive a special SECOND PRINT #1 issue that will arrive in stores on the same day Jan, 27!