With two highly-anticipated debuts in THE NORMALS and PESTILENCE, the second installment of two titles from new AfterShock creators Jeff Loveness (WORLD READER) and John Layman (ELEANOR & THE EGRET), and more from the new hit series BLOOD BLISTER and ROUGH RIDERS: RIDERS ON THE STORM, looks like it’s the perfect time to hit up your LCS and add these to your pull list!

Popculthq looks at all of the comics releasing from AfterShock Comics in May 2017…



Writer: Phil Hester
Pencils: Tony Harris
Inks: Eric Layton

Colors: Guy Major
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Cover: Tony Harris

Release Date: May 31, 2017
Item Code: MAR171242

YOU DON’T NEED TO DIE TO GO TO HELL…The demonic evil born within Brandon Hull has broken free of his body and unleashes its lethal rage on those around him. Hull fights to contain this power before it consumes his family–and eventually the world. A possession tale like no other, Hester and Harris take horror comics to new heights…and new lows in this startling ongoing series from AfterShock Comics!Opening a jarring window on to a world of horror from the Eisner Award-nominated writer of The Coffin, Firebreather, and Deathstroke and the Eisner Award-winning artist of Ex Machina and Starman.

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Writer: John Layman
Art: Sam Kieth
Colors: Ronda Pattison
Cover: Sam Kieth

Release Date: May 17, 2017
Item Code: MAR171240

What kind of thief leaves a single feather at the scene of the crime? Perhaps one that has a talking, painting-eating, oversized Egret as a pet—a pet that gets more oversized the more paintings he eats! Sounds fun, right? Except for some of the people now determined to stop this thief, who is anything but!From John Layman, appetizing writer of Chew, and Sam Keith, captivating creator & artist of The Maxx and co-creator of Sandman, comes the series that HAD to be told at AfterShock.

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Writer: Adam Glass
Art: Dennis Calero
Colors: Adriano Augusto
Letterer: Corey Breen
Cover: Dennis Calero, Elizabeth Torque (1:10)

Release Date: May 24, 2017
Item Code: MAR171238


Think about your “life” for a moment…the people you’ve known, the one’s you’ve loved, and all the stuff in between. Now imagine you learned that everything YOU believed, everything YOU lived, everything YOU felt actually never happened…it was ALL not real. But it is REAL to YOU and you now must fight to save it and everyone you love. But to do that, you first have to save the world. Welcome to “The Normals.” an exciting new rush-of-blood-to-the-head series and AfterShock Comics.Created and written by Adam Glass (executive producer of Supernatural & writer of Suicide Squad) with art by Dennis Calero (X-Men Noir).

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1:10 Incentive Variant by Kudranski
Cover A by Bradstreet


Writer: Frank Tieri
Art: Oleg Okunev
Color: Rob Schwager
Letterer: Marshall Dillon
Covers: Tim Bradstreet,
Szymon Kudranski (1:10)

Release Date: May 3, 2017
Item Code: MAR171236


It’s the late 14th Century, and a Great Pestilence—the “Black Death”— is sweeping across Europe, killing over 100 million people. BUT, what if history as we know it was a lie? What if, in reality, this was no straightforward plague, but the FIRST non-recorded Zombie Infestation of man? Ex-Crusader Roderick Helms and his fellow “black ops” agents the Church, Fiat Lux, must seek out the cause of this undead outbreak and vanquish it before mankind ceases to exist!Written by the master of violence, gore, and mayhem, Frank Tieri (Marvel vs Capcom, Wolverine, Deadpool), with spectacular art from Disney illustrator, Oleg Okunev, and covers by Eisner Award-nominated artist Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher, Hellblazer)!

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Writer: Adam Glass
Art: Patrick Olliffe
Color: Gabe Eltaeb
Letterer: Sal Cipriano
Cover: Patrick Olliffe, Gabe Eltaeb

Release Date: May 10, 2017
Item Code: MAR171243

“HEAD ‘EM UP, MOVE ‘EM OUT!” In the wake of President McKinley’s death, Teddy Roosevelt’s suspicions about a LARGER CONSPIRACY have all but been confirmed. But before being sworn into office as the new President, Teddy vows to bring down those responsible for this national tragedy-no matter the cost. It’s up to Teddy and his ROUGH RIDERS to investigate just how far this Anarchist web reaches. However, as our heroes grow closer to discovering who’s behind this mystery, they find themselves questioning everything they’ve ever believed. Created and written by Adam Glass (executive producer of Supernatural & writer of Suicide Squad) with cover by Pat Olliffe (Untold Tales of Spider-Man).

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Writer: Jeff Loveness
Art: Juan Doe
Letterer: Rachel Deering
Cover: Juan Doe

Release Date: May 17, 2017
Item Code: MAR171241

The Universe is a crime scene, and only The World Reader can solve it. But can she win the trust of her crew? Or is she truly losing her mind? And just who is the Faded Man? And why is he stalking Sarah across the murdered worlds?From Groot and The Jimmy Kimmel Show writer Jeff Loveness and AMERICAN MONSTER, ANIMOSITY: THE RISE artist Juan Doe, comes the chilling, epic new series that will be sure to appeal to fans of The Arrival, Interstellar, and The Expanse.

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ABOUT AFTERSHOCK COMICS– Launched in April 2015, AfterShock Comics is a comic book company that combines the creative edge of an independent comic book publisher with the strengths and experience of a traditional powerhouse. In addition to Editor-in-Chief Mike Marts, AfterShock’s executive team includes: Chief Creative Officer/Publisher Joe Pruett; President Lee Kramer, a film/TV production and development executive who has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood; CEO Jon Kramer, an entertainment entrepreneur with extensive worldwide production and distribution experience, Senior VP Digital-Creative, Mike Zagari, oversees the AfterShock innovative and immersive story-driven digital experiences, Senior VP of Investor Relations Jawad Qureshi an experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor as well as an award-winning filmmaker, Publishing Operations Manager, Stephan Nilson, Retailer/Fan Relations Manager, Lisa Wu, and Publishing Assistant, Ashley Wyatt.

T H E ~ C R E A T I V E ~ R E V O L U T I O N ~ S T A R T S ~ H E R E !




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