PopCultHQ Independent Comic Book Review: LEGENDS PARALLEL

There is a lot going on here with LEGENDS PARALLEL, so it’s a good thing that the creative team of Bill McCormick (Author), Dorphise Jean (Author), Leslie Tejlor (Illustrator), Alexander Malyshev (Illustrator), Brian Daniel (Editor), and Sherrie V. Hardy (Editor) will all bring us the epic story in a 12-issue comic book series. We were given the great opportunity to review issue #1 and here is what we can tell you.



The Main Characters: Who are all based on real life models

What we have here is a single-story comic book which spans twelve issues. It tells the tale of hundreds of parallel worlds but only five Earths that are compatible with one another, but each vastly different from the others, and there is one bad woman who wants to control them all. Ms. Vin: Is our main villain with a mission. A centuries old woman who may be responsible for the numerous snake goddess cults which have sprung up over time. She has access to something called the Gorgon’s Gate which gives her the ability to oversee and, eventually, control the five Earths. With the help of Dr. Valencia Ohimbe a/k/a Oshun: A mistress of toxins, named after an African love goddess, who uses her skills to rob banks and do side jobs for the mob. Along with Bes: A meta-human dwarf who slavishly follows Oshun. He’s named after an Egyptian god of, among other things, sex.


Who can stop her and who is also willing to take the risks? Tom Hill a/k/a Siafu: A wealthy, reclusive, businessman whose, late, father designed high-tech battle armor which Tom uses to fight crime as SiafuStacy Lord a/k/a Sassy: Tom’s secretary by day, but also a meta-human who possesses extraordinarily awesome powers. Sage Hill: Tom’s mother and the first person to wear the battle suit designed by her, late, husband. Alecia Yang: Personal assistant to, and lover of, Sage Hill. She also knows all of Tom’s secrets.

A man, and his team have to save the worlds. But no one said this shit would be easy.


The five Earths: 

The five parallel worlds consist of, Earth 1: A twisted version of our world where crime is rampant and rules major cities like Chicago. It is up to our main hero to save this world. Earth 2: Is a world controlled by the African Empire, where there is no Americas, the white minorities are racially persecuted and there are two meta-humans protecting this plant. Earth 3: A techno wonderland with a slightly Arabic Bollywood vibe to it all. A war-free world for centuries, here we find a doctor who has created a drug so addicting to normal humans, but instantly deadly for the meta-humans. Earth 4: A place that has abandoned most tech but rather relies on high-tech open communications and eco-friendly transports. The people are all brown since they have bred away all different races and have built their homes in the grounds. Here the evil Ms. Vin uses her drugs to gather slaves. Earth 5: A war-torn planet riddled with destruction and devastation. Queen Vamp is trying to unite the lands under her rule. Believing that the God’s have ordained her, she rules with an iron fist, ordering her subjects to please her sexually for their own lives. Trusting no one, she demands all in her presence to be nude.


PopCultHQ review:

Like I said, there is a lot going on here as we have a plethora of characters to introduce who will eventually intertwine with one another’s universes. I absolutely love the concept of having multi-parallel universes with such deeply diverse and interesting origins. This will play out fantastically with so many yin and yang situations that will eventually develop. I also enjoy a good strong plot and we have one here with the Ms. Vin trying to take over all the worlds, with what I assume will create the Legends Parallel to unite and either join or defeat her.

PopCultHQ rating: 3.5 out of 5

PCHQ 3.5


So much great potential here to work with. As with a lot of up starting underground independent comic books, the creative team will only get better and better as they build and progress together. The artwork is good throughout, but the artist can use a bit more cleaner, dynamic-fighting, action shots. It is one of the hardest things to do in comics, that is fluid character movements and having the text lettering worked on with eye-flow techniques. Lots, actually, TONS of great material to explore in the next 11 issues, especially if you’re a fan of superheroes, spy-action-adventure, filled with intrigue and character dynamics. Also if you’re a fan of Chicago, where writer Bill McCormick is also from, this series will be up your alley. I love seeing my favorite city represented in comics so I will be following along closely as this series progresses. I cannot wait to see what divine and awesome adventure will await us from the whole talented creative team! Meet them all here: LEGENDS PARALLEL

Legends Parallel Teaser III

LEGENDS PARALLEL is filled with action, suspense, sex, violence, and dark humor. It is obviously rated “M” for the mature crowd.

Music: Moscow Drag by Go Fight

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