PopCultHQ Independent Comic Book Review: Judas Breed #2

Judas Breed – “Transformation” is just what the title entails. The team examines the fossilized alien anthropod they found on another planet that has now become attached to the vertebrae of a woman on board. It takes no time until she is “transformed” into a dangerously deadly adversary the team must deal with. In space, no one hears your screams.

Connie Beaumont and the rest of her team of NASA scientists are now on a mission of survival at this point, as this deadly creature seems to want to take no prisoners. Then when things are already looking bad enough, here comes the government and people in power with their hidden agendas.

Judas Breed #2: 

PopCultHq review:

A fantastic follow up issue which cranks up the action to whole new level of thrilling horror into a sci-fi, action-adventure tale. Kenneth Brown delivers another brilliant issue that pulls you right into its dramatic plot with great pacing. Judas Breed went from small little space exploration tale, to a full-on horror fright-fest that has you squirming before you reach the next panel. Carlos Villas provides the stunning variant cover and Ryan Best gets to show off his talents with a graceful cover and showcases his horror skills with the interior artwork. Killer work all around.

PopCultHQ Rating: 5 out of 5


Judas Breed in two issues is one of the best small independent series of the year that fans will want to keep supporting. I highly recommend picking up Judas Breed now as it is only going to become more fantastic from here on out and everyone will want a copy. A very enjoyable, top-notch fun read.

I totally LOVE the concept of Judas Breed and the creative team is fully on-point in delivering a wonderfully finished product you’re proud to own in any collection. If you’re into sci-fi action, creepy horror with a strong female lead, Judas Breed is an absolute must have!


Judas Breed #2 Official Synopsis:

The government finds out and keeps the victim and anthropod for themselves to do studies. While conducting more studies on earth, the victim is transformed into an alien and all hell breaks loose, as aliens threaten the lives of humanity.

Connie and a handful of Marines are forced to go into combat, as they search for the aliens nest to destroy it. This story is about family, government conspiracy, betrayal and the hopes of saving humanity from an alien outbreak.

Preview pages:

Written by: Kenneth Anthony Brown
Pencils: Ryan Best
Inks: Ryan Best
Colored by: Ryan Best
Cover by: Ryan Best
Variant Cover by: Carlos Villas
Lettered by: Hde
Published by: Peninkcolorstudios.com

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