PopCultHQ Comic Book Review – “Golem” from Magnetic Press (Available 3/30)

Young Steno Critone doesn’t want to stop dreaming.

In a world where no one has the time to try something that isn’t already provided by the system, Steno fears that his dreams will one day die.

He has no idea that the fate of the world relies on his ability to dream.


PopCultHQ received a 24-page preview of the graphic novel Golem from Magnetic Press. Released on March 30, this sci-fi offering by writer/artist LRNZ depicts a not-so-distant future where nations are politically dependent, we see the early stages of a prophetic one world society, and a child whose dreams are the key to societal change.

Upon reading Golem, I felt as if I was immersed in a manga/anime action flick with some mesmerizing panels of a progressive world, and a nice chunk of science fiction added in for flavor. Visually surreal. Quite beautiful, actually.

Artistically, Golem is a visual masterpiece. Different blends, different styles, different mediums; all go to show the range which LRNZ has studied and crafted.

From just the preview pages, I am fascinated by the work involved and the gripping storyline. This is a graphic novel that MUST go on my bookshelf. After obtaining one and reading Golem through to completion, I will be sure to update my review and rating. Thank for LRNZ and Magnetic Press for delivering an enthralling story.

PopCultHQ Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
(Given only 24 pages to preview, certainly could be a 4.5/5 in its entirety)


Here are a couple of sample pages to see the range of artistic styles LRNZ incorporates in Golem:

Synopsis for Golem, courtesy of Magnetic Press:

Set in a future, post-Eurozone Italy, entrenched in a culture of hyper-capitalism, GOLEM follows young Steno Critone as he is kidnapped during a political protest gone sour. Taken in by the band of labeled “terrorists,” he learns that things are not as they seem in society, and that he has the power to not only change the city, but reality itself.

This intensely imaginative political-sci-fi graphic novel is a visual tour de force, created by contemporary design icon Lorenzo Ceccotti, better known as LRNZ, whose design-influenced illustration provides a lush, fluid backdrop of manga-like dynamism with the cinematic scope of western comics, creating a style that is wholly unique and absolutely breathtaking.


Here’s what others in the industry are saying about Golem and writer/illustrator LRNZ…

“It’s not the story, or the art, or the art, or even the design that makes GOLEM a great book. It’s the union of those things – the whole. LRNZ has crafted a perfect of pure entertainment.”
Jonathan Hickman (East of West, Secret Wars, The Avengers)

“GOLEM is a truly breathtaking work of unrivaled imagination and dark beauty. LRNZ is the future of comics.”
Brenden Fletcher (Batgirl, Black Canary, Gotham Academy)

“LRNZ on Golem is a revelation. It’s an incredibly crafted comic, drawing upon all the best comics has to offer, and Lrnz’s imagination makes it uniquely its own.”
Nick Dragotta (East of West, X-Statix, Fantastic Four)

So who is LRNZ? Here is a brief bio of the writer/illustrator/animator/musician and more!

Artist and designer from Rome, founding member of the collective Superamici Studio, LRNZ is the penname of author Lorenzo Ceccotti, who has made waves throughout the different fields of visual art around
the world.

LRNZ uses his work in search of the beauty in all things. With a passion for music, video games, animation, and film, he has embraced all of these inspirations to create a powerful tale filled with adventure, intrigue, political commentary, and spiritual metaphor using the universal archetype of visual storytelling: the graphic novel.

Golem is available now at comic retailers or can be purchased online.

  • Pages: 280 pages
  • Format: Softcover with heavy cardstock semi-jacket and spot-matte elements
  • Size:  6.5″ x 9″
  • Cover Price: $19.99
  • ISBN:  978-1-942367-11-6


Magnetic Press is a publishing label built to help creators from around the world share their stories with an English-language/North American market.  With decades of experience producing and releasing award-winning material for companies such as Archaia, Dark Horse, DC, Boom Studios, Viz Media, White Wolf, Electronic Arts, Namco, Microsoft, Fox, and Lucasfilm, Magnetic re-defines the relationship between creator, publisher, and reader.

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