[Podcast] PodCultHQ’s BEYOND THE SYNOPSIS Ep. 3: Steve Orlando of THE SCALE TRADE

Beyond the Synopsis” is a show from PopCultHQ‘s podcast – PodCultHQ – where we interview comic book creators and discuss their latest project(s). It might be the next exciting issue of a miniseries or ongoing, an upcoming title launch, a pre-order push, or the release of a trade paperback, hardcover collected edition, or an original graphic novel. And while a synopsis provides a sample of what you can expect with any release, “Beyond the Synopsis” seeks to explore the project(s) even further. Through interviews with the creator(s), we provide even more reasons for you to check out, pick up, pre-order, or snag yourself a copy.

For episode three of BEYOND THE SYNOPSIS, I spoke with creator/writer Steve Orlando at WonderCon 2024 about his upcoming title at Magma Comix entitled THE SCALE TRADE.

The Eisner Award nominated writer teams with Megan Huang (Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) for this fantasy-meets-reality story that’s sure to make your heart race and warm it as well. Plus, each issue features a variant cover by Max Dunbar (Dungeons & Dragons)!

Here’s a look at the debut issue of THE SCALE TRADE,
which hits stands on Wednesday, May 1st!


Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Megan Huang

Covers & Cover Artists:
Cover A by Megan Huang
(Diamond Order Code: MAR241780)
(Lunar Order Code: 0324MM383)
Cover B by Max Dunbar
(Diamond Order Code: MAR241781)
(Lunar Order Code: 0324MM384)
Cover C by Walt Simonson (Incentive Variant)
(Diamond Order Code: MAR241782)

Final Order Cutoff (FOC) – April 7 (Lunar) / April 8 (Diamond)

In a modern-day world one step removed from our own, dragons are a highly respected-and highly endangered-species, but poaching is an existential threat. When a young idealist joins the federal agency tasked with managing dragon populations, he quickly discovers that the entire system is corrupt. After seeing firsthand the cruelty of the system, our newly radicalized dragon savior takes matters into his own hands!

Time to listen to the interview!


Big thanks to Steve Orlando for taking the time out to speak with us at PopCultHQ & PodCultHQ. Hit up your local comic shop or favorite online retailer and pre-order NOW through Monday, April 8th to reserve your copy of THE SCALE TRADE #1 – available Wednesday, May 1st!

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Best known for MIDNIGHTER, BATMAN/THE SHADOWWONDER WOMAN and SCARLET WITCH, Steve Orlando is a GLAAD, Ringo, and Eisner nominated writer, and Harvey Award winning editor and localizer. His comics work has appeared under the DC, Marvel, Image, Aftershock, IDW, BOOM!, and Ablaze banners—and more. As a food writer, he’s written for Epicurious. Outside of comics as well, he’s written for Cartoon Network’s BEN 10, as well as having been featured in National Geographic Magazine. In 2021, he teamed with AMC and SHUDDER’s the Boulet Brothers to take over HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE. In 2023, he launched FEEDING DANGEROUSLY with award-winning chef and humanitarian Jose Andres at TKO Studios.

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