Go all-in with this new feature coming to PopCultHQ in 2022!

Attention all comic book creators! Have a project to plug? Familiar with Texas Hold ‘Em? Want to play part in a fun tournament with other creators, having a chance at an assortment of prizes all while promoting your work? Have we got the platform for you!

PopCultHQ is always looking for ways to improve our coverage. New, out-of-the-box thinking into promotions featured here. Currently, we have a few video interview features offered to the comic book community through our “Pants Optional” Zoom segment: a Comic Book Spotlight, a Comic Creator Spotlight, and a Kickstarter Spotlight. At conventions, our interviews are shorter, but to the point, of what a comic book creator is currently plugging. Now, we are excited to share with you the latest in our promotional coverage.

Beginning in 2022, PopCultHQ After Dark will make its official launch. This regular feature will include interviews with comic creators, published every Saturday night at 5pm PT/8pm ET at PopCultHQ.com and our social media channels. In some rare cases, that might mean an older interview we’ve conducted gets played. But for the most part, Saturday nights will spotlight new content in a fun way. Our first new segment coming your way is “Cards w/ Comic Creators.”

In this new feature, we are smashing together interviews with comic creators and heads-up, Texas Hold ‘Em poker. I (Jason Bennett, writer/chief editor at PopCultHQ) will interview two comic creators in one Zoom meeting, all while dealing cards to my guests who will face off in a heads-up, No Limit poker match. I am currently hashing out all the specifics of game play. What I can tell you is this… these heads-up matches are not only an opportunity to chat about comic books, it is also a qualifying event into the first season’s tournament. The winner of each match will advance to PopCultHQ’s “Cards w/ Comic Creators” tourney, where eight participants will compete for various prizes, bragging rights, and the coveted, soon-to-be unveiled, PopCultHQ “Cards w/ Comic Creators” – Season One trophy.

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Though PopCultHQ’s airing of the video interview/competition will be Saturday evenings, the matches themselves will be done in advance at an agreed upon time between the contestants.

Now let me provide a caveat. I don’t know what to expect as far as a response from creators interested in participating. I may only receive a small number of entrants, I could receive an overwhelming response. With this being my first attempt at bringing this poker tourney/interview feature to life, this debut season will likely show me areas with which to improve or things that went extremely well. Who knows? But that’s part of the fun of it.

That being said, season one will feature sixteen (16) particiapnts vying for one of eight (8) spots in the tournament brackets. We will conduct a random drawing of all entries via Facebook Live on Saturday, January 1st to decide the tournament participants and match-ups. . We will also select two alternates who would be on-deck in case a tournament player must drop out.

All that being said… REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! There is no cost to you other than your time. After the the particpiant selection on January 1st, 2022, I will reach out to those chosen via email, provide additional information regarding the playoff format, and coordinate a day/time for each match to take place.

To register, fill out the registration form HERE!

Please note: Due to this feature being the first attempt at this, I cannot foresee the response from people interested in participating. I am not looking forward to notify individuals who weren’t selected. I truly wish I could accomodate everyone. And it is very likely that, based on the response, season two could very well be a much larger tournament. The sixteen spots and the eight-person playoff brackets are not set in stone, but I do need to evaluate this first season in its entirety at the current player cap. I would like to personally apologize in advance for any creator not chosen for season one. But fret not – there will be more to come!

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