[Gaming] PopCultHQ’s “Cards w/ Comic Creators” Poker Tournament Prizes

Beginning in 2022, PopCultHQ After Dark will make its official launch. This regular feature will include interviews with comic creators, published every Saturday night at 5pm PT/8pm ET at PopCultHQ.com and our social media channels. In some rare cases, that might mean an older interview we’ve conducted gets played. But for the most part, Saturday nights will spotlight new content in a fun way. Our first new segment coming your way is “Cards w/ Comic Creators.”

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In this new feature, we are smashing together interviews with comic creators and heads-up, Texas Hold ‘Em poker. I (Jason Bennett, writer/chief editor at PopCultHQ) will interview two comic creators in one Zoom meeting, all while dealing cards to my guests who will face off in a heads-up, No Limit poker match. These heads-up matches are not only an opportunity to chat about comic books, it is also a qualifying event into the first season’s tournament. The winner of each match will advance to PopCultHQ’s “Cards w/ Comic Creators” tourney, where eight participants will compete for various prizes, bragging rights, and the coveted PopCultHQ “Cards w/ Comic Creators” – Season One trophy.

Season one features eight (8) spots in the tournament brackets. We will conduct a random drawing of all entries via to decide the tournament participants’ match-ups. Here is a look at the tournament and prizes…


All participants in the qualifying round will receive a “Cards w/ Comic Creators” – Season One Participant custom poker chip. Image of custom chip coming soon.

(8 Players)

After all eight (8) creators who have advanced to the quarter-finals have been determined, a random drawing will be conducted of the participants to determine their spot in the playoff brackets. This will also establish the road to the finals and potential future match-ups.

*** In addition to the custom poker chip, every participant in the quarter-final round will receive a PopCultHQ exclusive variant (1 of 250) of BANJAX #1 – “Demon in a Bottle,” which pays homage to Bob Layton’s iconic IRON MAN #128 cover. 

(4 Players)

After the last quarter-final winner has won and advanced to the next round, the semi-final round will begin with the remaining four participants.

*** In addition to the custom poker chip & BANJAX #1 variant, every participant in the semi-final will receive a PopCultHQ exclusive variant (1 of 125) of ABERRANT #1 – “Weekend at Cordrey’s” variant, which pays tribute to the Weekend at Bernie;s movie poster.

(2 Players)

The finals of the tournament will determine the champion of our first season of “Cards w/ Comic Creators.”

*** In addition to the custom poker chip, the BANJAX #1 variant, and the ABERRANT #1 variant, both participants in the final will receive a PopCultHQ mega-exclusive variant (1 of 25) of ABERRANT #1 – “Weekend at Cordrey’s” Portugeuse variant, which pays tribute to the Weekend at Bernie’s movie poster seen in Portugeuse-speaking countries.

The winner of the tournament will receive all previous prizes, plus:

~ The Season One Championship trophy with their named engraved

The trophy is an 8-inch crystal, customized with the winner’s name. The base is able to illuminate the crystal in a handful of colors.

~ PopCultHQ will make a $50 donation to any
local comic shop (LCS) of the winner’s choosing.

Upon completion of the final match, I will coordinate with the winner to make a $50 donation to the LCS of his/her choice. The donation will be made to the store in the winner’s name. PopCultHQ is just the intermediator to connect the winner’s $50 prize to their favorite comic book shop.

All that being said… REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! There is no cost to you other than your time. After the the particpiant selection on January 1st, 2022, I will reach out to those chosen via email, provide additional information regarding the playoff format, and coordinate a day/time for each match to take place. Get ready to shuffle up and deal!

To register, fill out the registration form HERE!

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