Cosplay Photos – Indiana Comic Con 2018 Part 1

Indiana Comic Con 2018

Indiana Comic Con is in its fifth year and every year it seems to grow and get better. This year they have taken up over 40,000 square feet of the Indiana Convention Center, which is four times what they started with in 2014.

Celebrity guests this year included David HarbourJames & Oliver Phelps (the Weasly twins), Sean AstinMatthew LewisJonathan FrakesSean YoungMichael Biehn and a whole lot more. The literary gusts included well-known authors L.E. Modesitt Jr. and Star Wars novelist Timothy Zahn.

As usual, the cosplay was was stellar. Thank you to all the great cosplayers and photographers, you give us the eye candy to go with the brain food and overall enjoyment that come with these events.

Cosplay Photos by Eric Brown

This is a portion of his photo’s check out his Facebook to see the rest.