Cosplay Photos: C2E2 2018 – Sunday (Part 3)

C2E2 Sunday Part 3

We’re finally at the conclusion of our C2E2 cosplay coverage until next year, but we have a few last photos to share with you.

Like any convention, C2E2 had it’s share of issues and hiccups, but overall ReedPop managed to pull off yet another wonderful convention in Chicago, and many attendees cannot wait until next year.

The biggest change this year was the added security measures. Incidents at conventions in the past year or so had led to many conventions beefing up their security and adding metal detectors at entrances, and C2E2 was no exception. They changed how attendees entered the convention, funneling everyone through the metal detectors and registration hall before being allowed into the lobby. This move brought with it a fair amount of criticism, as you could no longer get from one end of the lobby to the other without having to take this long detour. There were obvious issues of fitting large and over-sized cosplays through the security area, and some commented on inconsistencies of bag/badge checks and holes in security. Some wondered if there could have been a way to go through security once and not have to go through it every time you needed to exit the main convention area for things like food, photoshoots, or some fresh air.

In past years many photographers would set up in the lower level on McCormick Place, as it is a good area for photoshoots with cosplayers. It makes a good place because it is away from the crowds at the convention and there are color-changing fountains that can be used as a background. This year, many of them were harassed by security to not shoot there, even when they had prearranged photoshoots, and were forced to improvise last-minute.

This year’s convention saw a problem with the issuing of badges. There was a delay in printing them, which led to not everyone receiving their mailed badge before they left for the convention. ReedPop attempted to rectify this by refunding attendees the cost of postage for their badge and creating a separate line at registration for those who had ordered their badge before the mailing deadline but never received it.

Overall I would call this year’s C2E2 a success, as nearly everyone I encountered seemed to enjoy themselves quite a bit. Whether it was seeing someone cosplaying your favorite character, meeting your favorite actor, getting your comic books signed by the writer or artist, or taking in a panel on a subject you love, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

C2E2, we’ll see you next March!

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