Night at the Museum

Cosplayers are about more than dressing up to show off their skills or favorite characters, many dress up for a good cause. There are thousands of cosplayers that freely give their time and utilize their skills for charity. One such group is Costumers With a Cause (CWC). Every year, CWC raises thousands of dollars for childrens’ charities. This year, they have been raising money for the Ronald McDonald House Charity.

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On Saturday night, the midwest division of Costumers With a Cause hosted their annual Night at the Museum event. This is a yearly event held at the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, IL.  It is the one night of the year that Volo is opened late. This gives a unique opportunity to see hundreds of cars, some of them from your favorite shows, and dozens of cosplayers, all while benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. 100% of profits from this event went to the Ronald McDonald Charity House.