[Convention] A Look at Programming at Comic Con Revolution Ontario 2019 (May 18-19)



Comic Con Revolution Ontario, the second annual event at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario California, May 18th & 19th, 2019 has a full slate of programming spanning two full days. Much like the exhibit floor and guest list, the programming schedule is an exciting part of what makes any event a ‘must attend’ and an unforgettable experience. The diversity of the programming includes something special for all who attend.

Room 100 A/B:

Women on the Dark Side

Featuring Amy Chu, Debbie Lynn Smith, Susan Lee, Angi Viper
Hosted by Joelle Monique

Saturday 5/18 12:30pm, 100 A/B


Not all female artists/creators are about unicorns and glittery vampires and silly pseudo-bondage. Some women create truly dark and challenging art and content, with just enough humor and whimsy to counterbalance all that darkness. Whether it’s comic books, novels or art, these are the women who are creating content that connects with the deeper, darker side of all of us. Join Susan Lee (Wraith of Love), Amy Chu (Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life & Death), Debbie Lynn Smith (Gates of Midnight) and cosplayer Angi Viper.

Breaking Into Comics

Featuring Beth Sotelo, Ray Anthony Height, Karl Altstaetter
Hosted by David Nieves

Saturday 5/18 2:30pm, 100 A/B


Looking to break into comics? There’s no easy way and the path is different for everyone! Beth Sotelo (Grump), Ray Anthony Height (Midnight Tiger) and Karl Altstaetter (Deity, Mirror, Emerald City Blues) talk about their process of breaking into the industry and the difficulties they faced then and now.

Digging Into Horror

Featuring Tim Bradstreet, Joel Gomez, Dan Wickline
Hosted by Chris Arrant

Saturday 5/18 3:30pm, 100 A/B


Horror Lovers won’t want to miss this panel with Tim Bradstreet (International Horror Guild Award for Best Artist), Joel Gomez (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Lost Boys, Nightmare on Elm Street) and Dan Wickline (Grimm Fairy Tales, Savage) to talk about the popularity of horror and why they love it!

Spotlight on Joe Eisma
Featuring Joe Eisma
Hosted by Chris Arrant
Saturday 5/18 4:30pm, 100 A/B


From Morning Glories to Archie, Newsarama’s Chris Arrant takes a deep dive into the career of Joe Eisma. Q&A to follow.

Power Rangers

Featuring Michael Copon, Carla Perez, Neo Edmund, Neil Kaplan

Saturday 5/18 5:30pm, 100 A/B


Go, go Power Rangers! Michael Copon (Lucas Kendall in Power Rangers Time Force), Carla Perez (Rita Repulsar), Neil Kaplan (the voice for Destruxo in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Dialobolico in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, and Gluto in Power Rangers Time Force) and Neo Edmund (Putty and Cog) join together for a special panel about the beloved Power Rangers. Q&A to follow.

Samurai Jack
Featuring Greg Baldwin, Phil Lamarr
Hosted by Joelle Monique
Saturday 5/18 11:30pm, 100 A/B


Voice actors Phil LaMarr (Samurai Jack) and Greg Baldwin (Aku, Orc Captain, Ringo) discuss what made the series click with the audience and regale fans with their experiences of being on the show. Q&A to follow.
Creating a Successful Webcomic

Featuring Dave Wagner, Evan Cagle, Chris Moreno
Hosted by Beatriz Valenzuela

Sunday 5/19 12:00pm, 100 A/B


Dave Wagner (Dot Problems), Chris Moreno (Super Frat) and Evan Cagle (Dark Tropic) discuss their successful webcomics and what influenced them to pursue the online path. Q&A to follow!
Time Travel in Comics

Featuring Tony Donley, Marcus Perry,
Mike Wellman, Rafael Navarro
Hosted by Chris Arrant

Sunday 5/19 1:00pm, 100 A/B


Albert Einstein: Time Mason stars the titular hero as a time traveling hunk out to save the space/time continuum and Guns A’ Blazin’ is a buddy romp that’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy meets Dukes of Hazzard. These two comics series do time travel right, and in this can’t-miss panel, find out the how’s and why’s by joining in on the fun with creators Tony Donley, Marcus Perry, Mike Wellman and Rafael Navarro!

The Importance of Comics for Young Readers
Featuring Michele Wells, Mike Kunkel,Travis Hanson, Pernille Ørum
Hosted by Stacy Lott
Sunday 5/19 1:30pm, 100 A/B


Michele R. Wells (Vice President and Executive Editor, DC Books for Young Readers), Mike Kunkel (Hero Bear and the Kid), Travis Hanson (Life of the Party) and Pernille Ørum (DC’s Super Hero Girls) discuss the importance of introducing comics to the next generation, how the landscape has changed over the years and how the industry is adapting to those changes. Q&A to follow.

Unnecessary Debates
Featuring Susan Lee, Mike Tanner, Eddie DeAngelini, Paola CK
Hosted by Tyler McPhail
Sunday 5/19 2:00pm, 100 A/B


Have you ever wanted to hear funny people debate topics you thought should never be debated? Join exciting guests Susan Lee, Mike Tanner, Eddie DeAngelini and Paola CK for this unforgettable geek showdown! (Really, you may never be able to forget it…) They will debate unimportant questions like: Who wore it better – Gollum or Tarzan? Who has better hair – Krillin or Aang? Come and learn something you never wanted to know! Moderated by Tyler McPhail (The Grand Geek Gathering).

Comics vs. Novels
Featuring Neo Edmund, Russell Nohelty, Dan Wickline
Hosted by Drew Seldin
Sunday 5/19 3:00pm, 100 A/B


Join Neo Edmund (A Tale of Red Riding, Mighty Morphin Power Ranger series, Clan of the Vein), Russell Nohelty (The Katrina series, the Lobdell Chronicles, Pixie Dust) and Dan Wickline (The Freeze, The Phantom, The Green Hornet and Lucius Fogg) three of the most prolific writers out there today, to discuss their writing careers in terms of novels vs comics. Pro’s and cons, easier or harder, more fun or less fun, more money or less money? All your questions answered, and maybe some that aren’t!

What No One Tells You About Kickstarter Campaigns
Featuring Beth Sotelo, Ryan Cody, Patrick Scullin
Hosted by Chris Arrant
Sunday 5/19 4:00pm, 100 A/B


Chasing down declined credit cards, hiring a reputable fulfillment center or finding suitable storage after printing…join Beth Sotelo, Patrick Scullin and Ryan Cody to discuss avoiding the pitfalls after your campaign has been successfully funded!

Room 103:

GeekFest Favs
Hosted by Bill Ostroff
Saturday 5/18 11:30am, 103


Paleonaut (16 minutes), Rise of the Catwoman (13 minutes), Red Hood It (Rated R-16 minutes), Deadpool 2: The Musical (Rated R-13 minutes)

GeekFest Comedy Block
Hosted by Bill Ostroff
Saturday 5/18 12:30pm, 103


Planeman (6 minutes), Galactic Galaxy (13 minutes), Hot N Nerdy (15 minutes), Once Upon a Costume (12 minutes), Dark Specter II (12 minutes)

GeekFest Sci-Fi Block
Hosted by Bill Ostroff
Saturday 5/18 1:30pm, 103


Nano (16 minutes), Live (13 minutes), CC (14 minutes), Metroid (12 minutes)

GeekFest Star Wars Fan Films
Hosted by Bill Ostroff
Saturday 5/18 2:30pm, 103


Star Wars: The Toys Awaken (8 minutes), Star Wars: Dresca (7 minutes), One Day I’ll Become (12 minutes), Lightsaber Maker (12 minutes), Prop Wars (8 minutes)

Zombies in Urban America
Featuring M.M. Shelley, Aaron Weiss
Hosted by Carol Najera
Saturday 5/18 3:30pm, 103


Latin American influence on urban/horror genre from the perspective of a female writer who grew up with a Latin heritage.

I Remember That: The World of Cult Cartoons
Hosted by Christopher Eaton
Saturday 5/18 4:30pm, 103


Exploring the insane world of the animated series that you forgot existed in the 80s and 90s. From the lovecraftian world of The Inhumanoids, the cash grabs like Hammerman, or the quietly great like Cybersix. Dive deep down a rabbit hole you forgot existed.

The Science of the Acme Product Catalogue
Featuring Dr. Michael Dennin, Ben Siepser, Sarah Brandt
Hosted by Daniel J. Glenn
Saturday 5/18 5:30pm, 103


An FGGGbT live event! Daniel J. Glenn, Dr. Michael Dennin and Ben Siepser take on Toontown. From portable holes, giant magnets, rocket shoes, and spring-loaded boxing gloves, they will show you what is possible in the world of cartoon physics.

Joe Kubert Award for Distinguished Storytelling
Hosted by Lloyd Briggery
Saturday 5/18 7:00pm, 103


Iconic comic book artist Joe Kubert—and his commitment to teaching the next generation of comic book creators—was honored at last year’s Comic Con Revolution: Ontario with a major award and two scholarship programs; the Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award, the Joe Kubert Future Storyteller Scholarship and the Joe Kubert Jumpstart Project Scholarship. Join us in celebrating this year’s 2nd recipient of the Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award, and welcoming back last year’s first recipient, Stan Sakai.

Just for Kids: Create Your Own Hero
Featuring Karl Altstaetter, Joel Gomez, Chuck Patton, Craig Miller
Sunday 5/19 11:30am, 103


With the help of industry pro’s Karl Altstaetter (Marvel, DC and Image), Craig Miller (Sesame Street, Curious George), Joel Gomez (Top Cow, Aspen, Wildstorm) and Chuck Patton (DC, Marvel), kids can learn how to create their own superhero and even name them! A fun exercise that lets kids be creative and start them on their path to making their own comics!

Children’s Animation Hands-on Workshop
Hosted by Sharon Wu
Sunday 5/19 12:30pm, 103


Within the one-hour workshop, we’ll be doing some animation exercises: We’ll start with a Flipbook project, with which attendees will make sequential drawings on index cards. When done, the drawings will be stacked in order and flipped to reveal movement, which creates animation. Second project is a Zoetrope, an early form of motion picture projector that creates the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings or still images. Attendees will make their own zoetrope art to be played back on the zoetrope we provide and learn about ‘Animation Cycles’. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own drawing tools, such as pens, markers, while some supplies will be provided. Attendees can bring home their animated projects.

Just For Kids: Pictionary
Featuring Patrick Scullin, Jeff Pina
Sunday 5/19 1:30pm, 103


The room is divided into two teams, who can guess what the professional artist is drawing the quickest? It’s all hands on deck as comics artists Jeff Pina (Telepathic Penguin Knows What You’ve Done) and Patrick Scullin (Super Siblings) see whose team can guess what they’re drawing first!

Just for Kids: Create Your Own Cosplay
Featuring Kids Can Cosplay
Hosted by Jay Holliday
Sunday 5/19 2:30pm, 103


Join Kids Can Cosplay and learn how to make your own capes and masks! A beginning tutorial on how kids can learn how to cosplay. Why let all the adults have the fun?

Just For Kids: How to Make a Comic Book
Featuring Mike Kunkel, Joe Eisma, Matt Haley
Sunday 5/19 3:30pm, 103


Have you always wanted to learn how to make a comic book, but just didn’t know where to start? Join this crash course for kids, a workshop designed to give you a great starting point, led by pro’s Mike Kunkel (Herobear and the Kid), Joe Eisma (Archie) and Matt Haley (Wonder Woman), who know a thing or two about creating comics!

Room 104 B:

From Junk to Jedi: Quality Cosplay and Prop Building on a Budget
Saturday 5/18 12:00pm, 104 B


Join the Geeky Guys/Gals 4 GOD as they share cost-saving strategies and techniques to create your next great costume or prop. They will also provide insight into how they turned a handful of thrift store items, swim noodles, foam and scrap wood into a D23 Mousequerade award-winning Guardians of the Galaxy Groot costume. On hand will be their Millennium Falcon cockpit prop for photos.

Cosplay 4 Charity
Featuring Michael-Jaybee P. Pe, John Ceja, and Kimmi Ligh
Hosted by Jay Holliday
Saturday 5/18 1:00pm, 104 B


Come learn how you can use your cosplay to help children for charity events. Featuring Jay Holliday, Michael-Jaybee P. Pe, John Ceja, and Kimmi Ligh

Blending Your Fandoms: The Art of Cosplay Mashups:
Featuring Harley Kat Cosplay, D-Lo Cosplay,
Lando and Chance Chronos, and Steamroller Jim
Hosted by Hot Nerd Girl
Saturday 5/18 2:00pm, 104 B


Having trouble picking between two fandoms to cosplay? Why not make a mashup! Come join members of the Star Wars Steampunk Universe as they dive into the growing trend of mashup cosplays both in and out of a galaxy far, far away. From concept to completion we have you covered with tips and advice to bring out your inner superfan.

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Metal! Foamsmithing 101
Featuring Apola Star (cosplayer), BadBunneez (cosplayer, SheProp!), and SassySwede (cosplayer)
Saturday 5/18 3:00pm, 104 B


All props start with an idea but don’t always make it to the execution stage. Join Sci-Fi Coalition’s Apola Star (cosplayer), BadBunneez (cosplayer, SheProp!), and SassySwede (cosplayer) in a safe, judgement-free environment. We’ll talk about how to get started with EVA & worbla, where to source materials, working safely with them, and answer your prop making questions.

Avatarism: How Cosplay Changes the Brain Beyond the Con!
Hosted by Alexander Polinsky.
Saturday 5/18 4:00pm, 104 B


Why do we feel so excited to join in at conventions? Why dress up? Why be a character? Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself. Using the roles you are already embodying, you can up-level your entire life! Avatarism could be considered the oldest philosophy on the planet. Alex will speak about the history, mythology, fantasy, humor, and heart of this exciting and transformative subject. The concepts of Avatarism and character building techniques can bring about significant personal revelations and build confidence outside of the convention walls. Begin to see yourself as the hero in the movie of your life and design your character away from negative programming. Come and find out how you already use Avatarism in everyday life!

The Clown Prince
Featuring Dylan Hobbs, Guy Narduli, Chris Moss, Dominique Marsell, Manuel Eduardo Ramirez, Jordan Ramirez, Alek Gearhart, Jane Santos Hosted by Manuel Eduardo Ramirez
Saturday 5/18 5:30pm, 104 B


Parental Warning: This film is Rated ‘R’: The Clown Prince is a full length fan film/ crime drama from the creators of Joker Rising. We are filming this for no money other than props and food and intend to make the best fan film ever made and possibly one of the best Batman films brought to the screen. Q&A with the cast and filmmakers to follow.

Avatarism: Using Personal Mythology to Heal Trauma
Hosted by Alexander Polinsky
Sunday 5/19 11:30am, 104 B


Where do your dreams and visions come from? How about your daily behaviors, or the story of your life? If you are like most people, these come from a variety of sources, seemingly beyond our control. But what if your daily actions and the very way you see yourself all came from a unified, sacred narrative that weaves through every aspect of your life? This is the gem that awaits those who take the reins of their own story and cultivate a radically creative life through personal mythology. After a life trauma, you may feel the need more than ever to augment your avatar with oddities and awesome happenstance. You are perfect, whole, complete and ready for more. Alex will speak and perform on these uplifting aspects of creating a personal character

Cosplay: From a Kid’s Perspective
Featuring Chihiro&Chieko, Scarlet from MSG Cosplay
Hosted by Jay Holliday
Sunday 5/19 12:30pm, 104 B


Come hear from some amazing kid cosplayers on their point of view on cosplaying and learn some tips and tricks. Featuring Chihiro&Chieko, Scarlet from MSG Cosplay.

Wearing Kimono
Featuring Lon Muckey
Hosted by Shannon Shea
Sunday 5/19 1:30pm, 104 B


The kimono is simplistic in its design and form with the ultimate silhouette being an undisturbed column falling gracefully from shoulder to floor, but do you know what all goes in to creating this illusion of simplicity? Join Shannon Shea, a certified kimono dresser, in this interactive demonstration on how to wear kimono in the traditional fashion and what is the minimum amount of items needed to wear a kimono for cosplay that will be comfortable all day long.

Cosplay & Props
Featuring Mega Mike, Jurassic Jeremy, Jet Blaster, I’m Hawkman
Hosted by Nicholas Bouzikian
Sunday 5/19 2:30pm, 104 B


This panel will discuss and introduce getting into cosplay, ideas and ways to create a costume. We will discuss the timeframe for building a beginning cosplay to an advanced cosplay. A technical level will be geared toward beginner cosplayers who have never played with armor making before. Mega Mike, Jurrassic Jeremy, Jet Blaster and I’m Hawkman will go over props and give ideas and ways to building props for cosplay use. Learn several beginner-friendly approaches to get you started, including foam and vacuum forming as well as an introduction to sculpting and casting. Q&A to follow.

Causeplay Cosplay
Featuring Dude Vader, Captain Solo Seekerman,
D-Lo Cosplay, Grand Moff Tesla, Shawn Richter
Hosted by Harley Kat Cosplay
Sunday 5/19 3:30pm, 104 B


Star Wars Steampunk Universe discusses how they quickly shifted their goals from a cosplay group created for a single convention panel to a fully realized and dedicated team of enthusiastic do-gooders whose primary focus is that of working as a charity group and teaming up with other local charity groups to be a united Force for good. This charity work is what sets SWSU apart from other cosplay and Steampunk groups. They will also discuss how to juggle charity work with a busy schedule, how fandom has grown and changed in recent years and how to leverage the power of fandom to bring attention to non-profit, charitable organizations.

Room 105:

Options When Marketing Your Project
Featuring Chris Arrant, Russell Nohelty, Marcus Perry
Saturday 5/18 12:00pm, 105


Marketing your projects to reach new audiences can be done in more ways than ever before! Join Newsarama’s Chris Arrant to discuss interviews and reviews, Wannabe Press’s Russell Nohelty to discuss mailing lists and crowdfunding, and award-winning creative content director Marcus Perry to talk about out-of-the-box ways to get people’s attention!

Independent Publishers vs Self Publishing
Featuring Eddie DeAngelini, Sandy King Carpenter,
Stephan Franck, Jeff Pina

Hosted by Stacy Lott
Saturday 5/18 1:00pm, 105


Jeff Pina (self-publishing, independent publishing), Eddie DeAngelini (self-publishing the comic Collectors), Sandy King Carpenter (self-publishing under Storm King Productions) and Stephan Franck (self-publishing under Dark Planet Comics) discuss the pro’s and cons of going with an independent publisher vs self-publishing. Is it really all about retaining 100% of the rights to your creation, or just getting your story out any way you can?

The Scoop Behind “Creator-Owned” Comics
Featuring DJ Kirkbride, Tony Donley, David Walker, Jules Rivera
Hosted by Chris Arrant
Saturday 5/18 2:00pm, 105


There’s so many independent publishers out there, who claim to publish “creator-owned” comics. But what does that mean? DJ Kirkbride (Dark Horse, Image), Tony Donley (Action Lab), David Walker (Dark Horse, Boom, Dynamite, and Image) and Jules Rivera (IDW) talk about publishing their creator-owned properties and what that means at different publishers.

Retailers Perspective
Featuring Mike Wellman, Eddie DeAngelini, Kristen Parraz, Stacy Lott
Saturday 5/18 3:00pm, 105


Building relationships with retailers is key to the success of your book. If your publisher isn’t doing it, you need to take the reins! Hear from local retailers Mike Wellman (The Comic Bug), Eddie DeAngelini and Kristen Parraz (Hi De Ho Comics), and Stacy Lott (Knowhere Games & Comics) on what to do and what not to do.

Dealing with Licensed Properties
Featuring Amy Chu, Livio Ramondelli, Shannon Eric Denton
Hosted by Stacy Lott

Saturday 5/18 4:00pm, 105




How do you find fulfillment in a creative endeavor that seems like it won’t let you be as creative as you want to be? Navigate the ups and downs of writing or drawing a licensed property with advice from licensed property veterans Amy Chu (Kiss), Shannon Eric Denton (X-Files, Star Wars) and Livio Ramondelli (Transformers).

Tips on Designing Superheroes
Featuring Pernille Orum, Fabrice Sapolsky, Koi Turnbull
Hosted by Chris Arrant
Saturday 5/18 6:00pm, 105


How can you tell if you’re creating something unique, or just retreading something you’ve seen before? What’s important, and what’s unwise when creating your own superhero character? Join the experts Pernille Ørum (DC Super Hero Girls), Koi Turnbull (Black Panther, Aspen) and Fabrice Sapolsky (Spider-Man Noir) to discuss their process when creating new heroes, moderated by Newsarama’s Chris Arrant, co-founder of Project: Rooftop.

Adapting a Comics Property to Film
Featuring Jimmy Palmiotti, Sandy King Carpenter, David F Walker
Hosted by Chris Arrant
Sunday 5/19 12:00pm, 105


Join David F Walker, Sandy King Carpenter and Jimmy Palmiotti as they discuss the often misunderstood process of bringing comics to life. Whether it’s your own property or adapting someone else’s, this is an educational panel of what it all entails. Q&A to follow.

Putting Together an Anthology
Featuring Susan Lee, Russell Nohelty,
DJ Kirkbride, Sandy King Carpenter
Hosted by Shannon Eric Denton
Sunday 5/19 1:00pm, 105


Susan Lee (Curious Chronicles & Mysterious Musings, an anthology of Women On The Dark Side), Russell Nohelty (Cthulu is Hard to Spell), DJ Kirkbride (Pop Gun Anthology), Sandy King Carpenter (Tales for a Halloween Night) and Shannon Eric Denton (Komikwerks Presents: Thrills & Chills) talk about their visions behind their anthologies, the difficulties they face and the rewards of putting together an anthology.

Contributing to the Canon
Featuring Michele Wells, Amanda Conner, Chad Hardin
Hosted by Jim Demonakos
Sunday 5/19 2:00pm, 105


Some comics professionals want to create their own projects and some really want a chance to play in the iconic sandboxes of characters they’ve loved their whole lives. Michele Wells, JJ Kirby, Chad Hardin and Amanda Conner talk about the amazing experiences they’ve had working for the Big Two and why you should want to work there too. Q&A to follow.

Navigating Controversy
Featuring Jules Rivera, Ray Anthony Height, Amy Chu, Kristen Parraz
Hosted by Ming Chen
Sunday 5/19 3:00pm, 105


The nation is divided like it’s never been before, and the tug of war between those who long for more diversity in comics and those who are rebelling against it has never been more evident. Jules Rivera, Ray Anthony Height, Amy Chu and Kristen Parraz provide different perspectives on how to navigate these difficult times and let other pro’s know they’re not alone! Moderated by Comic Book Men’s Ming Chen, respectful discourse only, harassment won’t be tolerated.

Cosplayers of Color
Featuring Diya Chacko (Sailor Mars), Rosei Martinez-Goldsmith (Mexican Wonder Woman), and Brandon Jackson (Fin)
Hosted by Beatriz Valenzuela
Sunday 5/19 4:00pm, 105


Nerds of color have always been a part of geek culture and the cosplay scene. But in recent years, more and more cosplayers of color have begun infusing their own cultural identities with beloved characters to create memorable cosplays. Join Diya Chacko (Sailor Mars), Rosei Martinez-Goldsmith (Mexican Wonder Woman), and Brandon Jackson (Fin) as we talk about the changes within the cosplay space. Is it more accepting of cosplayers of color? Are there still stigmas placed on people of color who cosplay? Moderated by Beatriz E. Valenzuela, breaking news reporter and managing editor of Café con Leche Nerds.

Room 106:

Candy for your Eyeballs: Animation and Film Design
Featuring Kevin Newman, Maryam Sefati,
Devin Roth, Elsa Chang, Vance Kovacs

Hosted by Mike Morris
Saturday 5/18 12:00pm, 106


Design happens everywhere, and in everything, but none more prevalent than in our favorite films and TV series! Join moderator Mike Morris and animation and film designers Vance Kovacs (God of War, Black Panther), Devin Roth (Final Space, Future-Worm!), Maryam Sefati (Star vs. The Forces of Evil), Kevin Newman (The Simpsons), and Elsa Chang (Disney’s Mickey Mouse Shorts, Duck Tales), talking about what goes into design, and what makes for successful design for animated and live-action films!

Storybreaking: Writers in Animation
Featuring Derrick Bachman, Christian Magalhaes, Bob Snow,
Shaene Siders, Madison Bateman, Colleen Evanson
Hosted by Mike Morris
Saturday 5/18 1:00pm, 106


From a rough idea to a polished script, writers in animation crack the code of storytelling that goes into your favorite animated shows! Join moderator Mike Morris and animation writers Derrick Bachman (Samurai Jack, Disney’s Mickey Mouse Shorts), Christian Magalhaes (Duck Tales, The New Girl), Bob Snow (Duck Tales, The New Girl), Colleen Evanson (DuckTales, DC Super Hero Girls), Madison Bateman (DuckTales, Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh), and Shaene Siders (Marvel’s Avengers Assemble,DC Super Hero Girls) as we talk about what goes into writing for animation, and what it takes to become a writer!

The Art of the Story: Storyboarding for Animation
Featuring Phil Jacobsen, James Roy Jaculina, Arielle Yett,
Aaron Paetz, Stephen Reis, Emily Oetzell
Hosted by Mike Morris
Saturday 5/18 2:00pm, 106


Tell your story, with pictures! Storyboarding sequentially visualizes the story to later interpret into a fully animated form; they’re the tent poles to the tent of an animated film! Join moderator and Storyboard artist Mike Morris and fellow Storyboard Artists, Phil Jacobsen (Glitch Techs, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Stephen Reis (The Simpsons), Emily Oetzell (Robot Chicken, Super Mansion), James Roy Jaculina (RWBY, Blaze), Arielle Yett (Elena of Avalor, Be Cool Scooby-Doo), and Aaron Paetz (Super Mansion, Future-Worm!), as we discuss what being a professional Storyboard Artist is all about!

Careers in Animation
Featuring Armand Serrano, Brad Rader, Chuck Patton
Hosted by Jim Demonakos
Saturday 5/18 3:00pm, 106


There are so many different jobs in the animation industry, and this panel is here to give you just a taste of a few of the more interesting paths you can follow! Join Armand Serrano (Formerly Walt Disney Animation Studios and Sony Pictures Animation, currently Marvel Studios), Chuck Patton (Primetime Emmy Award winner for Todd McFarlane’s Spawn) and Brad Rader (animation director, storyboard artist) to discuss the most fascinating aspects of their careers. Q&A to follow.

Animation? Me? Yes YOU! – How To Make Your Own Animated Films
Featuring Angelo Hatgistavrou, Brent Noll,
Karli Melder, Charles T. Jones
Hosted by Mike Morris
Saturday 5/18 4:00pm, 106


Ever watch a cartoon and think, “I want to make one!” This panel will go over what you need to get started with making your own animated films! Join Moderator and animator Mike Morris and fellow animators Angelo Hatgistavrou (Bob’s Burgers, China, IL), Brent Noll (Rick and Morty, Future-Worm!), Karli Melder (Mr. Pickles, Hazbin Hotel), and animation editor extraordinaire, Charles T. Jones (Big Hero 6: The Series, Future-Worm!), giving you the push in the right direction to start making your own animated films!

The Wacom Cintiq Showdown: All-Pro Edition
Hosted by Mike Morris
Saturday 5/18 5:00pm, 106


16 Pro Artists compete in a quick-draw competition, with randomly generated prompts, and the audience votes on the winner

Sentinel 2099 SE
Hosted by Mike McGee
Saturday 5/18 6:00pm, 106


Parental Warning: The film is Rated ‘R”. In the post apocalyptic world of the 21st century the Unified Commonwealth struggles to restore civilization to the survivors of the Great Plague. During a brutal attack on the Commonwealth outpost of Galatia, Sgt Chase Badham is sent on a desperate mission that may turn the tide of the war.

Comadres y Comics Podcast:
The Importance of Telling Our Own Latinx Stories
Featuring Jennifer Lopez, Sara Bazan
Hosted by Kristen Parraz
Sunday 5/19 12:00pm, 106


Kristen Parraz, Sara Bazan and Jennifer Lopez strive to highlight the female and Latinx presence in the comic book industry as creators, characters and fans through their bi-weekly podcast, Comadres y Comics. Feeling frustrated that Latinx content was not readily available through mainstream channels, they embarked upon an endeavor to seek out Latinx creators and characters to share with fans. Join them as they discuss the importance of Latinx representation in the industry and how and where to begin in telling your own story.

Featuring Maile Flanagan, Neil Kaplan
Hosted by Drew Seldin
Sunday 5/19 1:00pm, 106


Emmy Award-winning Maile Flanagan, the voice of the English-dub Naruto and Neil Kaplan, known for voicing Madara Uchiha in Naruto: Shippuden join Comic Con Revolution to discuss their experiences voicing these characters. Q&A to follow!

Cinematic Storytelling for Comics
Hosted by Stephan Franck
Sunday 5/19 2:00pm, 106


Award-nominated animator/director/ comic book creator Stephan Franck (The Iron Giant, Silver) discusses how to apply the visual principles of film language to the comic page for clarity, emotional and cinematic impact, and making the storytelling accessible to the broadest possible audience.

Storyboarding vs. Sequential Art
Featuring Anson Jew, Benton Jew, Brandon McKinney,
Rafael Navarro, Chuck Patton and Mike Vosburg
Hosted by Brad Rader
Sunday 5/19 3:00pm, 106


Led by Brad Rader, this panel encompasses everything about comparing and contrasting graphic storytelling and storyboarding–for any and all media, such as live action, traditional cell animation, CGI animation and computer games. Come listen an expert talk about the differences between the two, a fascinating subject that might answer the question of why a lot of storyboard artists wind up creating comics and vice versa!

The Kaiju Kingdom Podcast Live: MonsterVerse 101
Featuring Christopher Eaton
Hosted by Jessica Tseang
Sunday 5/19 4:00pm, 106


Godzilla King of the Monsters is upon us. Brush up on your Kaiju knowledge with the hosts of the Kaiju Kingdom Podcast as we get you up to speed on what to expect as Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah make their Hollywood debut. Plus some fun surprises as well.

Room Ballroom C:

All About The Big Bang Theory
Featuring Adam Faberman, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti
Saturday 5/18 12:00pm, Ballroom C


After 12 years, 279 episodes, 7 Emmy Awards from 46 Emmy nominations, CBS’s The Big Bang Theory holds the title as the longest running multi-camera sitcom in history and aired its last episode on May 16th. Join Adam Faberman, contributing writer to the TV series, as well as author of the authorized Big Bang Theory trivia and quiz book, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti who also contributed to the show, to discuss everything Big Bang Theory!

Spotlight on a Disney Legend: Tony Anselmo, the Voice of Donald Duck
Featuring Tony Anselmo
Hosted by Chris Arrant
Saturday 5/18 1:00pm, Ballroom C


For almost 35 years Tony Anselmo has been the official voice of Donald Duck, taking over from the original voice of Clarence Nash. Tony has voiced Donald Duck in the video games Kindom Hearts and Kinect Disneyland Adventures. Join us for a historical look back alongside an official Disney Legend!

Creating the Star Wars Universe
Featuring Sam Witwer, William O’Neill, Craig Miller
Hosted by Joelle Monique
Saturday 5/18 2:00pm, Ballroom C


Take a peek behind the curtain with the voice of Darth Maul himself, Sam Witwer, Star Wars artist William O’Neill and Craig Miller, the Director of Fan Relations for Lucasfilm during Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. A can’t-miss panel with a Q&A to follow!

Transformers 35th Anniversary
Featuring Michael Bell, Paul Eiding, Dan Gilvezan,
Alan Oppenheimer, Neil Ross, Gregg Berger

Hosted by Marcus Perry
Saturday 5/18 3:00pm, Ballroom C


Michael Bell (Prowl, Sideswipe, Bombshell, Brainstorm, First Aid, Scrapper and Swoop), Paul Eiding (Perceptor and Quintesson), Dan Gilvezan (Bumblebee, Goldbug, Hot Spot, Outback, Rollbar, Scamper, Skids and Snapdragon), Alan Oppenheimer (Beachcomber and Warpath), Neil Ross (Bonecrusher, Hook, Sixshot, Slag, Pointblank and Springer), and Gregg Berger (Grimlock, Volcanicus, Stockade, Long Haul, Lockdown) gather together for the 35th Anniversary of the Transformers! Moderated by Marcus Perry, who worked on the creative content surrounding some of the Transformers movies, including the latest Bumblebee movie.

Stan Lee Tribute
Featuring Jimmy Palmiotti, Ming Chen, Matt Haley, Mike Zeck, JJ Kirby
Hosted by Joelle Monique
Saturday 5/18 4:00pm, Ballroom C


Hear from some of Comic Con Revolution’s most esteemed guests, Jimmy Palmiotti, Mike Zeck, JJ Kirby, Matt Haley and Ming Chen as they give tribute to the man who influenced and inspired generations of comic book fans and creators, and talk about his lasting legacy.

Spotlight on Peter Cullen
Featuring Peter Cullen
Hosted by Marcus Perry
Saturday 5/18 5:00pm, Ballroom C


A one-on-one panel with Peter will give fans a rare opportunity to hear from Cullen himself about how for the past 35 years he has portrayed the heroic Optimus Prime across cartoons, video games and feature films. Moderated by Marcus Perry, who worked on the creative content surrounding some of the Transformers movies, including the latest Bumblebee movie.

Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest
Featuring Angi Viper
Hosted by Ming Chen
Saturday 5/18 7:00pm, Ballroom C


Time to put on your cape and hat, or your armor, or whatever youre into! Cosplayers from all around California will have the opportunity to compete for cash & prizes in our 3rd annual Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest! Hosted by Ming Chen, with special guest judge Angi Viper. Our contest features a $500 cash prize for Best in Show, plus limited edition Comic Con Revolution medals for each category.


Sign up here: http://bit.ly/2VNG20i

Q&A with Skeletor
Featuring Alan Oppenheimer
Hosted by Marcus Perry
Sunday 5/19 12:00pm, Ballroom C


One of the most recognized voices from the 1980’s, Allen Oppenheimer delighted kids and made adults laugh with his voicing of Skeletor, He-Man’s arch rival and nemesis. From the famous laugh to the ridiculous insults, this panel will delve into the iconic character for one of the most interesting discussions at the con!

Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite Video Games
Featuring Anjali Bhimani, Carlos Ferro, Paul Eiding,
Steve J Palmer, Gregg Berger, Greg Baldwin, Carolina Ravassa

Hosted by David Nieves
Sunday 5/19 1:00pm, Ballroom C


The voices behind some of your favorite video games are all together on one amazing panel! Join Anjali Bhimani (Overwatch), Carolina Ravassa (Overwatch, Red Dead Redemption 2), Carlos Ferro (Gears of War, Assassins Creed), Steve J Palmer (Red Dead Redeption 1-2) and Paul Eiding (Metal Gear Solid, Fallout) as they discuss behind-the-scenes anecdotes from some of the most popular games on the market. Q&A to follow.

Swinging Through the Spider-Verse
Featuring Fabrice Sapolsky, Nick Spencer, Todd Nauck
Hosted by Chris Arrant
Sunday 5/19 2:00pm, Ballroom C


Fabrice Sapolsky (Spider-Man Noir), Nick Spencer (Amazing Spider-Man) and Todd Nauck (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man) are together in one room to talk about everyone’s favorite web-slinger! Moderated by Newsarama’s Chris Arrant, Q&A to follow.

X-Men Retrospective
Featuring Steve Gordon, Whilce Portacio, Art Thibert
Hosted by Chris Arrant
Sunday 5/19 3:00pm, Ballroom C


Join Newsarama’s Chris Arrant as he delves into the X-Men’s history with Art Thibert, X-Men Evolution’s Steven E. Gordon and Uncanny X-Men’s Whilce Portacio. Questions will be asked and answers will be given. A can’t-miss panel!

The Voices Behind Your Favorite Characters
Featuring Dan Gilvezan (Peter Parker/Spider-Man),
Michael Bell (Duke: GI Joe)
Hosted by David Nieves
Sunday 5/19 4:00pm, Ballroom C


Dan Gilvezan (Peter Parker/Spider-Man) and Michael Bell (Duke: GI Joe) discuss voicing your favorite characters and the techniques behind deciding what they want those characters to sound like and convey. Q&A to follow!

Room Off-site:

Comic Con Revolution Drink & Draw
Hosted by The Comic Bug at STRUM BREWING COMPANY
Saturday 5/18 8:00pm, Off-site


Join us Saturday night for a bevy of suds, cosplayers, artists and maybe even some live music! It’s the Second Annual Drink and Draw, hosted by the folks from The Comic Bug at STRUM BREWING COMPANY! The fun starts at 8:00pm and goes until 11:00pm. Free admission, but don’t forget to tip your bartender! Strum Brewing Company is located at 235 S. Campus Ave, Ontario, CA 91761.


Ontario Convention Center

2000 E Convention Center Way

Ontario, CA 91764




Saturday, May 18th, 2019 – 10am (9am with advance ticket purchase) – 7pm

Sunday, May 19th, 2019 – 11am (10am with advance ticket purchase) – 5pm

For more information, as well as tickets,
visit Comic Con Revolution online!

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