Just a week after the news that Batwoman has been picked up to series, we have the first trailer for the show. Previously we’ve only seen teasers, but this new video gives us a better idea of what to expect when Batwoman premieres this fall.

The trailer starts off in a post-Batman Gotham, when the villainous Alice decides to wreak havoc on the city. When Sophie, the woman Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) loves, is taken by one of Alice’s henchmen, she decides to do something about it. She stumbles upon her cousin Bruce’s Batcave and decides to take the mantle on herself, making sure no one would mistake her for her cousin and doing things on her own terms.


The show definitely has a different tone than the other DC shows on the network. While many of them can get quite dark at times, Batwoman has an almost Gothic feel to it, leaning into that very familiar Batman aesthetic from the comics.

Since much of the comics (as well as comic book television) landscape seems dominated by men, it’s always good to see female superheroes get the spotlight as well. With a number of women working behind the scenes on the show and high expectations set by this first trailer, we can certainly expect a lot from the CW’s newest superheroine.