Tomb Raider Library Edition Vol. 1

PopCultHQ received an advance review copy of TOMB RAIDER – Library Edition Vol. 1 HC from Dark Horse Comics. Available February 28th, 2018, the creative team for this series features writing from Gail Simone and Rhianna Pratchett, pencils from Nicolas Daniel Selma, Derlis Santacruz, and Andrea Mutti, inks by Juan Gedeon, Andy Owens, and Pierluigi Baldassini, colors from Michael Atiyeh and lettering from Michael Heisler.

Here’s PopCultHQ’s spoiler-free review of…

TOMB RAIDER – Library Edition Vol. 1 HC

Writers: Gail Simone
, Rhianna Pratchett
Pencilers: Nicolas Daniel Selma, Derlis Santacruz, Andrea Mutti
Inkers: Juan Gedeon, Andy Owens, Pierluigi Baldassini
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Letterer: Michael Heisler

In Shops: February 28th, 2018
SRP: $49.99

Lara Croft is trying to piece her ordinary life back together after her ordeal in the Lost Kingdom of Yamatai. The other survivors of the Endurance are experiencing horrific visions as they try to put what happened behind them. Follow Lara’s story after the 2013 Tomb Raider game as she embarks on a new globe-trotting adventure, discovering a dangerous organization that’s threatening her friends. Can she figure out whats going on in time to save a life?

This deluxe hardcover collects issues #1-#18 of the 2014 Dark Horse Tomb Raider series, and the never-before-collected prequel story Tomb Raider: the Beginning.

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review:
Tomb Raider Library Edition Volume 1 HC


Gail and Rhianna made a great team on this Tomb Raider series. Their respective writing styles compliment each other and neither tries to overshadow the other. This hardcover is a big read and will be a page turner for Tomb Raider fans and it’s all thanks to the combined efforts of Gail and Rhianna.


For a book collecting a series such as this, a big team of artists was called upon. Each of them are known throughout the comics community, and together they brought forth glorious art for this Tomb Raider run. It’s a vast story canvas these artists get to paint upon and the final result, this book, is proof that each artist gave their all to the project.

Michael’s colors for the HC are tremendous. Coloring for a series of this magnitude, with lots of different artists contributing their work, means that a colorist must call upon their full expertise. Michael proved he is up to the challenge by providing glorious colors to bring the world of Lara Croft to life.

As letterer, Michael Heisler had his work cut out for him. Lettering a series of a character as big as Lara is a major deal. He puts his mark on the Tomb Raider world as letterer and the end result is marvelous. Should this team reform for future Tomb Raider runs, may Michael return as letterer.

PopCultHQ’s Overall Assessment:

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. A name synonymous with adventure and daring. Now fans and Dark Horse subscribers can treat themselves to the HC of the latest series chronicling some of her adventures. It’s page after page of pure, unadulterated excellence and waiting there for everyone to pick up and read.

PopCultHQ’s Rating:


5 Out of 5 Stars

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Publisher – Dark Horse Comics