[Video] Celebs Are All About a BAD IDEA – ComicsPRO 2020

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Watch BAD IDEA’s ComicsPRO 2020 Salute –
A Colossus of Celebrity Star-Power Mega-Wattage

Oh $&#!, It’s RoboCop!

In their continuing assault on your faculties and better judgment, BAD IDEA – the unruly and experimental new comic book publisher debuting in select comic shops this May – is proud to officially reveal the company’s sensory-overloading, awe-inspiring, celebrity video spectacular that first debuted to a packed house of comic book store retailers at the annual ComicsPRO Industry Conference in Portland, OR this past weekend.

Harnessing the full power of the internet, BAD IDEA has enlisted some of the most accomplished, yet affordably priced, stars and celebutants of your favorite films, television programs, Radio Shack commercials, and blockbusters circa 1983/1984 to deliver a full dose of weaponized nostalgia that will forever lodge the company’s disruptive content and distribution strategy – the highest quality monthly comics possible, sold by only 50 dedicated comic book shops beginning in May – into your prefrontal cortex. (Keep on washing, but it just won’t come out.) While the rest of the comic book industry chases Hollywood, BAD IDEA is happy to let Hollywood come to us…in pre-scripted, 15-second chunks commissioned on Cameo.

And dont miss appearances by Hunter Gorinson, Dinesh Shamdasani, Atom Freeman, Warren Simons, and Joshua Johns!

So, without further ado, we proudly present the BAD IDEA ComicsPRO 2020 Celebrity Salute – enjoy it while it lasts, because we’ll almost certainly never be allowed to do anything like this ever again:


At BAD IDEA, we don’t do anything unless it’s special. First and foremost, that means producing a limited number of comic book series – no more than one or two single issues a month – at the highest possible level of quality and ruthlessly culling any components that might distract or detract from that mission. With that in mind, our comics feature no variants, won’t be released digitally, and will not be collected into trade paperbacks, hardcovers, or other bookshelf formats. Monthly comic books, sold exclusively by comic book stores, is what we do.

All the time and resources we’d spend on anything else goes right back into our comics. Part and parcel with that, our books will come in a pristinely designed, prestige-format package featuring deluxe matte-laminate cardstock covers, heavy-duty interior paperstock, and lots of pictures with little words on the inside – all for the standard $3.99 cover price.

Lastly – and this part is important – we’re going to get things going by self-distributing our series to a select list of just 50 participating comic shop retailers that we can work with store by store to slowly grow BAD IDEA’s footprint around the world.

From there, we’ll continue to add new retailers to our roster month after month, and each time a new retailer comes on board as a BAD IDEA Destination Store™™ anywhere in the world, they’ll be able to access every prior BAD IDEA release in very limited quantities, so that you and your store can start at the beginning.

In order to qualify for participation, each BAD IDEA Destination Store™™ must agree to a stringent set of rules and criteria that includes prominent in-store placement for BAD IDEA comics, some truly galling and gauche promotional displays, and strictly enforced “limit one per customer,” street date, pre-order, pricing, and minimum/maximum order and allocation policies for all BAD IDEA releases. Failure to comply with the spirit and/or letter of the rules will result in removal from the program and a well-deserved shaming from your friends, family members, and professional colleagues.

In the event that BAD IDEA’s list of approved wave one applicants exceeds 50 stores, retailers may be assigned to the next available wave of admissions. But don’t sweat too hard because BAD IDEA will be working overtime to service each and every one of its trusted retail partners.

Any retailer who wishes to participate can email BAD IDEA’s customer service team at hello@badideacorp.com at any point to find a time to discuss all of our assorted shenanigans.

But the fun will really start on May 6th, 2020 with the historic debut of ENIAC #1 – the monumental, 40-page first issue of BAD IDEA’s prestige-format premiere from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT), artistic powerhouse Doug Braithwaite (Justice), colorist Diego Rodriguez (X-O Manowar), and Harvey Award-nominated cover artist Lewis LaRosa (Punisher MAX). Here’s a preview:


Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Doug Braithwaite
Colors by Diego Rodriguez

Cover by Lewis LaRosa

40 pgs. // $3.99 // On Sale MAY 6, 2020

At the height of World War II, the world’s most ingenious minds began a race to create a super-weapon capable of ending the war with the push of a button. One of those projects gave us the atom bomb…and another produced the world’s first supercomputer: ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) – an immeasurably complex mathematical model that targeted the Axis war machine by calculating missile trajectories and troop deployments.

Everybody knows that. It’s real-life American history.

Or so we were told.

On August 6th, 1945, the United States dropped the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima.

Three days later, a second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki… Only President Truman wasn’t the one who gave order.

It was ENIAC.

In the Allies’ determination to end the war, they had accidentally created the world’s first autonomous machine intelligence…which had quickly deduced that one bomb wouldn’t be enough.

But ENIAC’s real plan was only just beginning…

Now, 75 years later, an encrypted countdown has just been detected in Earth’s satellite network and mankind only has three days left before ENIAC launches every weapon in the planet’s nuclear arsenal simultaneously. With few options and even less time, the Secretary of Defense has just given two covert operatives the most important mission in human history: kill ENIAC.

From the minds of New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt and incendiary artist Doug Braithwaite comes ENIAC #1, the debut series from BAD IDEA – the disruptive and experimental new comic publisher pushing the bounds of the medium (and your patience) one issue a time. This is no ordinary comic book… This is the long-classified history of an unspoken superpower more formidable than all of Earth’s nations combined…and now its story can finally be told.


What likely started as a good idea is now turning into a Bad Idea. Speculation has it that a great group of people (award winning people in fact) from the comic book industry are about in embark on this BAD IDEA. Something is in the works and there are a number of people who are ready for this new adventure to start, even if it’s a #BadIdea!