The Wizarding World Is Not Over: What Fans Can Expect from The Harry Potter Franchise

The Wizarding World created a buzz in 2001 when readers of the Harry Potter book series were introduced to the first debut movie of the Rowlings’ eponymous novels. The story of the boy who embarked on his journey to stop Lord Voldemort – a very dark wizard-quickly turned into a cultural phenomenon, with all seven books hitting the screen and seeing tremendous success.

Although the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released over a decade ago, the series never ended. Rowling made sure the franchise stayed alive in fans’ minds and hearts by publishing The Tales of Beedle the Bard and through engaging content on the Pottermore website. Undoubtedly, Pottermore has succeeded in keeping the flame of the beloved series bright, sorting fans into their Hogwarts houses and providing them with personality quizzes and great character descriptions.

But there’s another project that emerged from the franchise and turned into a success story: Hogwarts: Legacy. The video game became very popular, quickly ranking as a best-seller and even surpassing FIFA 23 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This massive success clearly highlights fans’ desire to go back to Hogwarts. In fact, there’s still strong nostalgia for the Wizarding World, with fans putting their money into various kinds of merchandise, including the official Harry Potter Funko. This only proves one thing: fans won’t soon let go of their love for Hogwarts.

Although the Fantastic Beasts trilogy didn’t manage to meet the high bar set by the epic Harry Potter movies, Warner Bros. has big plans for the franchise in the future, preparing more captivating content, including a remake of the series.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Will there be a film adaptation?

Even though Warner wants to provide fans with more Harry Potter content, Fantastic Beasts movies don’t seem to be part of their future plans anymore, which may not be great news for those expecting a continuation of the story. However, other exciting projects could finally come to fruition, with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child making its way to the big screen. An adaptation of The Cursed Child would indeed do wonders for the Wizarding World franchise, but only if the story is carefully executed. However, there have only been rumors on this, so fans shouldn’t get too excited before there’s an official announcement.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is set 19 years after the action in Deathly Hallows and follows Albus Severus Potter (Harry’s child) on a time-travel adventure where he discovers secrets from his dad’s past. The time-travel aspect alone would be a great way to give a fresh perspective to the original story, and obviously, bringing back the original cast would play a huge role in cementing the movie’s triumph. Unfortunately, out of all the actors in the series, Tom Felton was the only one to show the most enthusiasm for returning to the screen as Malfoy. And while Grint said he would gladly reprise his role as Ron Weasley only if everyone else returned, Radcliffe didn’t seem eager to jump back into his role as Harry Potter. Do all of these things mean that fans should give up hope of seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on the screen? Not necessarily. If the stars align, it could become a reality, and the HBO remake of the series only increases the odds.

HBO’s Harry Potter reboot: Will it bring missing elements of the book series on-screen?

On April 12, Warner Bros announced that a remake of the Harry Potter franchise is in the works, following the storyline of the books throughout seven seasons. But is it a good idea to remake the original movies? Well, this question is highly debatable, as there are both pros and cons. One significant con about recreating the series is that it wouldn’t really add any meaning to the franchise, and it would be hard for the reboot to reach the same level of success as the original Harry Potter films. On the other hand, Harry Potter fans aren’t likely to miss out on the incredible chance of boarding the Hogwarts Express and revisiting the Wizarding World for another adventure.

While it’s true that Harry Potter films did stick to the source materials, many essential elements of the books were left out. For instance, in the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry confronts Snape, and this scene is among the most powerful ones, showing the character’s pain from losing Dumbledore and his hatred towards the cynical and apathetic professor. Keeping this scene in the reboot is indeed a great idea, as it would add drama and tension to the TV show. Another meaningful scene that should undoubtedly appear in the HBO series is the death of Hedwig. In the final Harry Potter book, Harry’s owl sacrifices himself to protect Harry and his friends, and the scene has a significant emotional toll.

While the number of each season’s episodes is still unknown, there’s no doubt that the longer format will allow more space to include key scenes in the book series, giving fans a more detailed adaptation of their beloved story. This would be a dream come true for all the completionists and a reason why fans may still watch the HBO show even if it isn’t as satisfying as the original movies.

Now, it is obvious that fans who grew up with the original characters of Ron, Hermione and Harry will compare the show with the previous films. Although on paper, it can sound great to bring back the three wizards to the screens, recasting the characters is unlikely to make fans happy. However, this Harry Potter remake could appeal to younger viewers who have yet to discover the magic of the Wizarding World.  

Only time will tell whether the Harry Potter remake is successful or not, and while fans have many questions about the upcoming HBO show, one thing is for sure: the Wizarding World won’t go anywhere anytime soon, promising new adventures and magical moments.

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