‘The Seventh Age: Dawn’ by Rick Heinz

7th age by Rick Heinz

Back in 2015, Manny Popoca met a young author at Lake Count-i-Con, Rick Heinz.

Richard Heinz – The man who is looking to bring Urban Fiction to the forefront of pop culture is doing a fabulous job thus far in trying to obtain his dreams. Richard is already in a nerdiest writers contest fighting to keep head-to-head with the top spots to earn his book’s publishing. I don’t normally just talk to random people or spotlight them on PopCultHQ unless they really strike a hit on my pop culture radar. What Richard and I talk about not only sold me on his project but also has me excited as heck to read what he has in store for us!!

And since then, we have been watching Rick. He not only won the contest, but he has now published his first book and is currently working on the next in the series.

Seventh Age Cover

I was honored to receive an advance readers copy for review and we even got front page mention.

The Seventh Age: Dawn by Rick Heinz

“Mike Auburn dangles above the city of Chicago from the beams of a half-built skyscraper. He is seconds from plummeting towards the circuit board of buildings and streetlights below, but oblivion is not what he seeks it s the dead.

Obsessed with discovering evidence of the afterlife, Mike s death-defying stunts have brought him closer than ever to lifting the veil of reality, always just out of reach. However, his ventures to the edge have not gone unnoticed, and a tenebrous organization led by O’Neil seeks to recruit him to their own cause: preparing the city for impending Ragnarok, the end of the world as they know it.

Before long, a world ruled by scientific method and rational thinking is challenged by the supernatural luring the dead, the damned, and the demons that have long awaited the return of magic, and they will stop at nothing to bring it back for good. Suddenly, Mike is at the center of a battle between the forces of reason, of good, of evil and everything in between.”

We went to the release signing at Barnes and Noble in Naperville, and it was great.

Pick up your copy at Amazon today;