Super powers from movies that would be great in real life scenarios


Superhero movies are a popular genre today that seem to show no signs of slowing down. Superheroes captivate the imaginations of audiences with their super powers that distinguish them from us mortals. Some of these super powers could even be rather practical if we could use them in real life situations.


How many times has the weather affected plans you’ve had causing to reschedule or cancel events? Superhero and X-Men member Storm doesn’t have this problem as she is able to control the weather making it whatever she wants. You could even make the dreary winters a bit more pleasant or perhaps opt for warmer temperatures overall.


Another way in which your plans could be affected is due to illness or injury. Wolverine is able to heal himself in a rapid manner. If we mere mortals could do this, we would not only be able to go about our daily lives but imagine the savings on medical expenses!

The Invisible Woman

Many of us wish at one point in time that we could be a fly on the wall to overhear a particular conversation or witness a confrontation. Well, we may not be able to be a fly but if we could have the power of the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four, we could easily be an observer without detection.

Multiple Man

It seems like a day simply isn’t long enough to accomplish what we need. Multiple Man has the ability to replicate himself. Consider what it could be like to have this power. You could get more done in the day. You may also opt to have your duplicate go to work for you while you enjoy playing games on at home or have a day out!

Which of these super powers do you wish you had? As more and more superhero movies are released, perhaps you will learn of a new power that strikes your fancy even more.