Reptile’s Random Reviews: Dungeons & Dragons Trivial Pursuit

Hey, everyone! Ol’ Reptile is back and today I’m covering something a little different.

If you are a fan of trivia games and a fan of the best RPG game ever – Dungeons & Dragons – well then, I have a game for you. Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast have gotten together and released a Dungeons & Dragons Trivial Pursuit board game.

Dnd Trivia Pursuit game

I received this as a gift and was very stoked to open the box and play the game. First off, the game has some very familiar and awesome game tokens they call “movers” all in the form of classic and loved monsters from the D&D universe. They are highly-detailed and larger than your standard 28 mm minis. The movers included are the evil Beholder, the dreaded Mind Flayer, the frightening Flaming Skull, the dangerous Owlbear, the ever-hungry Gelatinous Cube, and the crowd-favorite Mimic treasure chest. Just to make things that much cooler, all the pie wedges fit into the bases of the movers as you collect them.

Dnd Trivia Pursuit movers

The game is your typical Trivial Pursuit layout with the board made to look a little more dark and gothic. It comes with two boxes of questions, totaling 1800 questions on six different categories.

The categories are:

  • Magic & Miscellany
  • History
  • Monsters
  • Dungeons & Adventures
  • Characters
  • Cosmology
Dnd Trivia Pursuit board

I’ve played Dungeons & Dragons since the 1st edition and was a huge Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fan. I was also a Dungeon Master for 6 years, in the 90s, and still play. So you would think this game would be a piece of cake with that many versions and knowledge of the game under my aging belt. Let me tell you this is no walk in the park – there are questions that relate to the novels, the modules, the creation and creators of the game, as well as any aspect of the game you could imagine in your wildest dreams. So if you think you are the know-all and end-all of Dungeons & Dragons knowledge, you need to play this game. It was a humbling experience.

My wife and I played for several hours and called it a tie with both only needing to answer the final winning question. The questions can be so obscure, we decided we would try again another night. If you have a group of friends or family who love Dungeons & Dragons and board games, who they think they are smart, sit them down and pull this game out.

Now as for what I think of the game? I LOVE IT! I personally love everything about it. The movers are awesome to look at, the board is attractive with the old school Trivial Pursuit colors (but grunged up just enough to give you that true dungeon vibe) and the questions are very thought-provoking. I’m actually looking forward to when I can grab a group of friends and play this again.

So for me, Dungeons & Dragons Trivial Pursuit is 5 out of 5 stars. And if you know me, I don’t hand that out that easily.

New Rating - 5 Stars

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