[Recap] Impact Wrestling’s Tuesday Night Event (3/23)

Written by Shining Polaris

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With Impact Wrestling‘s next PPV only a month away, everyone’s nerves are on edge because they all want their shot at one of the many titles that will be on the line. This article will focus on the AEW/Impact/NJPW crossover storyline leading up to the main event at Rebellion.

*** WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the
Impact Wrestling show from March 17th, 2021***

Since losing their Impact Tag Team Championship belts to Finjuice, The Good Brothers are feeling lost. They went from Kings of the World to bottom of the barrel. According to Eddie Edwards, former Impact World Champion, When they were at the top, they thought they were too cool to hangout with anyone and now they want to hang out with everyone and be “one of the boys.” Edwards told the tag team to “hit the road.” Doc Gallows, remembering that Kenny Omega and his manager were making a rare appearance on Impact Wrestling, said they could hang out with him instead. 

Gia Miller, Impact Wrestling’s interviewer, approached Kenny Omega’s dressing room to try to get a word from him, but was rudely brushed off by him and Don Callis. Don pushed the camera out of way and said they were approaching the ring. A few segments later, the Good Brothers were seen knocking on Kenny’s door. After no response, they wondered if Kenny is ignoring them. Karl Anderson suggested that maybe Kenny isn’t in the room and Doc Gallows replied, but what if he is?

Kenny Omega and Don Callis made a grand entrance to the center of the ring. Don was doing a great job hyping up Omega by listing which wrestlers Kenny is better than including big names like Flair, Hogan, and Moxley. Kenny replied that he was, “Bigger then Ibushi!” Don also mentioned that since he is the Vice President of Impact, he will do whatever he can in his power to ensure Kenny’s success. He also reminded Kenny that he beat Rich Swann, the current Unified World Champion, with the One Winged Angel. To further irritate Swann, Don made a video package of Kenny landing that move on various wrestlers. Not one wrestler in any promotion has ever kicked out of Kenny’s finisher. Kenny continued to belittle Swann saying that when Swann beat Moose to become unified champion, that may have been the biggest day in Swann’s life but for Kenny it was just another Tuesday. No one was going to beat Kenny unless he was already dying. Kenny plans to take all the titles. Don ended the segment saying that they will make history at Rebellion.

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Rich Swann wasn’t going to take that lightly. Gia Miller interviewed him backstage and Swann said he had faced all kinds of adversities, a little bit of trash talk wasn’t going to fluster him. He was injured in the past, but still made it to where he is today and he agreed that he was knocked out with the One Winged Angel. If they face one-on-one in the ring, Swann will best Kenny. Omega only has the One Winged Angel that Swann has to look out for and he has tricks up his sleeve to counter that.  

There was a lot said in another great promo by this duo, but one thing that the wrestling community is excited about is when Kenny Omega mentioned he is better then Ibushi. Kota Ibushi is the current NJPW United (Heavyweight and Intercontinental) World Champion and Kenny’s former tag team partner in Japan. Every since they split, it has been a dream match to have them face each other again one day. It was just a small mention but since AEW and NJPW are working together, this dream match may come true when the pandemic ends. As for the relationship between Kenny and the Good Brothers, is it rocky or simple miscommunication? Kenny has previously ditched friends when they seem to be holding him back, and he has turned his back on the Young Bucks several times. Only time will tell.

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The Good Brothers were a little disappointed they didn’t see their friend, but they had to be focus for the main event. It was Karl Anderson against Eddie Edwards in a single’s match with predictions leaning heavily in Edwards favor. Edwards is a single’s wrestler and the former Impact World Champion, Anderson on the other hand is mostly in tag team matches. The match was very even. Doc Gallows stood on the outside and tried to interfere to help his brother, but the referee handed him a chair and made him sit down to watch. After many near falls, Anderson tried to hit his Gun Stun onto Edwards. Edwards avoided it and managed to hit Doc Gallows instead, Edwards attempted a roll up pin on Anderson. When Anderson kicked Edwards off him, Eddie flew into Gallows. Doc proceeded to hit Eddie with the chair he was sitting on. Anderson pinned Edwards for a surprising win. The commentary crew was disappointed and said the Good Brothers cheat to win, and clearly they aren’t good guys.

The Good Brothers barely had time to celebrate their victory when the screen lit up with Finjuice, who are currently back in Japan in NJPW.  Both were wearing their Impact belts and jokingly congratulated the Good Brothers on their win. They reminded the Brothers that they won a bunch of matches during the New Japan Cup Tournament. Finjuice also reminded them that they will will have a rematch soon at Rebellion. It seems certain that Finjuice will come back to the States to face the Good Brothers, but there is still the question if Finjuice is going to retain the belts until then.  With a month away, there is still time for different teams to step up and challenge for the Impact Tag Team belts.  

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