Project Nemesis from AGP – PopCultHQ Comic Book Review

The secrets of Project Nemesis are revealed in issue #4 and it’s more shocking than we could have ever expected!

Script by Jeremy Robinson
Art by Matt Frank
Colors by Diego Rodriguez

Issues #4 covers

Rhode Island has been decimated by the massive monster creature only known as Nemesis. As the monster continues to destroy everything in its path, he is also growing in size and adding to his destructive powers. The two agents that have been following him from the start Hudson and Collins, are going to learn a most disturbing secret no one saw coming.


The writing has been kicked up a notch for this issue as we get more behind the troubling origins of a creature named Nemesis. The same name given to the green goddess of vengeance, so consumed with avenging wrongs, she laid waste to everything in her path.

PopCultHQ Rating: 4 out of 5


Official Synopsis:

Investigation leads to Hudson and Collins learning of Nemesis’ origin: Maigo Tilly, a murdered young girl whose history might give clues to where Nemesis will strike next. As the evidence mounts, the monster takes to the ocean—and Beverly Harbor, Hudson’s own stomping ground, things are now getting personal!

What is Project Nemesis and who is behind this creatures horrific design? You have to read this months spectacular issue.

Preview pages:

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