PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: Kenneth Brown’s – JUDAS BREED #1

Written by: Kenneth Anthony Brown
Pencils: Ryan Best
Inks: Ryan Best
Colored by: Ryan Best
Cover by: Ryan Best
Variant Cover by: Natasha Alterici
Lettered by: Hde
Published by: Peninkcolorstudios.com

PopCultHq review:

A superbly well rounded finished product, that is very well written, with a strong plot and an even more fantastic concept story that instantly draws readers in. If you’re into sci-fi action, creepy horror with a strong female lead, Judas Breed is a must read!

Judas Breed #1: The Awakening

We begin with an outer space exploration, the search for life on another planet. When a group of scientists do stumble upon some sort of past life, they also find another creature… a fossilized one. Only problem here is this is no normal creature……and it’s not fossilized either!

The astronauts lives then become in grave peril when, on their way home, this mysterious entity comes to life and spills its first drops of blood.

A fantastic introduction issue with good artwork and great pace in storytelling.

Kenneth Brown, has an affinity to make you want to read what’s coming up in the next panel, page and finally the next issue by the time you’re finished.

Judas Breed catches your attention right away with its stunning covers and is a comic book that should be on people’s radar as one of the coolest independent comics of 2016!

PopCultHQ Rating: 4.5 out of 5

PCHQ 4.5

Official Synopsis:
Judas Breed – The Awakening” is about a woman named Connie Beaumont and her team of NASA scientists who embark on an expedition to an unknown planet in hopes of proving that life once existed there. While searching through one of the caves for micro organisms, Connie falls through a huge hole and finds herself standing in what appears to be a tomb, filled with alien skeletal remains.

Preview pages:

As the team examines one of the skeletons, Connie finds a fossilized alien anthropod attached to the vertebrae of the skeleton and decides to take it back to the ship. The fossil comes to life, attacks one of the crew members and attaches itself to the victim’s vertebrae. The government finds out and keeps the victim and anthropod for themselves to do studies. While conducting more studies on earth, the victim is transformed into an alien and all hell breaks loose, as aliens threaten the lives of humanity. Connie and a handful of Marines are forced to go into combat, as they search for the aliens nest to destroy it. This story is about family, government conspiracy, betrayal and the hopes of saving humanity from an alien outbreak.


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Judas Breed #2 - variant
Judas Breed #2 – variant