PopCultHQ Artist Spotlight and Interview with Phenom: Keron Grant



“Don’t fall into the trap of becoming a “professional” artist where you become “good” and your “anatomy” is so perfect and your work is dead, depressed and lifeless. Above all else, your work has to have a soul. It has to have energy, rhythm, movement. It should be alive.” – Keron Grant


Keron Grant is art inspiration, art greatness and most importantly Keron is the embodiment of the word art itself. The true definition of how the philosophy of mind emphasizing the role that the body plays in shaping the mind.

Keron loves, breath, lives art and his work speaks volumes if you can really listen to it. It’s one of the grand qualities that is making Keron one of the hottest new artist on the comic book cover scene. But Keron has been around for a very long time, it’s just his evolving style has really been striking a voice with the fans of late.

Keron’s work had first caught my attention with the breathtaking All New Wolverine #1 hip-hop variant cover replicating a classic DMX album. When I posted his amazing cover on our social media outlets as a spotlighted cover, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

One of the reasons why at this year’s C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, that I find out more about this talented man. In an exclusive interview for PopCultHq, we spoke about the exquisite artist process, his past works and upcoming killer projects. <interview was recorded, but has not been transcribed>

I have become an instant fan of Keron’s work, now I eagerly await to see each new exciting masterpiece!

Keron teaching art in China

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