[Podcast] It’s Launched! CONVENTION IMPRESSIONS: Ep. 1 ft. Josh & Jason from SDCC 2023 is Live!

Convention Expressions - Episode 1 - Josh & Jason at SDCC 2023 (Day 1) xyz

Whaddup, yo! Our first podcast is here!

PodCultHQ (notice the “d”) is our home to feature audio content of PopCultHQ’s coverage. Whether it’s interviews, topical, previously published material, Zoom sessions that didn’t get published, and some fun specialty ideas that will be not-to-be-missed episodes. We’ll be highlighting the comic book industry, as well as conventions and cosplay – all of which is our most viewed & popular content at PopCultHQ.

CONVENTION IMPRESSIONS is one of many shows planned for PodCultHQ that recaps PopCultHQ experiences at conventions. For episode one, staff writer/reviewer Josh Winchester and myself, Jason Bennett, discuss what occurred for each of us earlier in that day to provide a better perspective and offer a wider spectrum of the experience to be had at SDCC 2023. Can’t be at Comic-Con this year? Fret not… we’re bringing it to you. #SDCC2023 #SanDiegoComicCon



Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC)

The SAN DIEGO COMIC CONVENTION (Comic-Con International) is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation organized for charitable purposes and dedicated to creating the general public’s awareness of and appreciation for comics and related popular art forms, including participation in and support of public presentations, conventions, exhibits, museums and other public outreach activities which celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of comics to art and culture.

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PodCultHQ is PopCultHQ’s official podcast. Maintained & managed by Jason Bennett, PodCultHQ is a feature-filled, ear candy of content highlighting the comic book, cosplay, and convention communities.

You can expect exclusive interviews with comic book creators, previous video features returning in audio format (“Pants Optional” Zoom interviews), crowdfunding promotions (“Just Kickin’ It!“), a deeper dive into the comic book world (“Industry Insider“), unpublished material finally seeing the light of day (“From the Vault“), plus so much more. And, of course, idle chatter.

And be on the lookout for some new, fun & exciting, outside-the-box shows, including a talk show, a weekend wrapup broadcast, and an amateur rap competition for comic creators where you, the fans, can vote for your favorite each week through our toll-free number! Crazy, right? Yeah, we question our sanity a lot of times. Every now and then, it replies.

Celebrate your fandom with us… audibly!

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Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Joshua has been a dedicated fan of comics and pop culture since childhood. An avid reader, a devotee of classic movies, and a passionate listener of jazz and rock music, he is best at home in the company of good friends or sitting down with a cup of tea and his nose in a book. If you ever want to talk comic books or discuss who is the best rock drummer besides Neil Peart, Josh is your guy.

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Jason Bennett (@TahoeJBennett) is a writer & chief editor for PopCultHQ, As a team member since PopCultHQ’s inception, Jason has written over 8,300 articles covering all aspects of pop culture. He established relationships with many of the comic book publishers with whom we work on a regular basis. Whether sharing news from the comic book industry, conducting spoiler-free reviews, interviewing creators, or working with publicity reps, he is dedicated in promoting those within the comic book scene, giving people a platform to share their projects, as well as always seeking to find ways in which PopCultHQ can grow and improve. Jason also attends comic conventions, representing PopCultHQ as a member of the press, and can often be seen at conventions up and down the west coast.