[Movie News] In Theaters This Week – March 24, 2023

If you’re a fan of action movies, this is your weekend! This week’s new releases feature quite a number of action movies, premiering both in theaters and on streaming. There is a fourth entry in the John Wick saga, a Vietnamese film about a trio of women who decide to take on a gang that abuses women, a drama about a woman whose life falls apart following her involvement in a fatal accident, and much more!

Drain Away: Is Pure Longing a Sin?

A young woman Kaname is possessed by a ghost of a Japanese samurai Saki whose goal is to make history repeat itself in the death of those she loves.

Starring: Reila Aphrodite, Galen Howard, Tim Neff, Russell Geoffrey Banks

Release date: March 24


A mysterious woman trains a trio of girls to take revenge on a criminal gang that abuses females. The three lady warriors risk everything to challenge this corrupt empire.

Directed by Veronica Ngo

Starring: Veronica Ngo, Song Luan, Thuan Nguyen, Dong Anh Quynh, Toc Tien

Release date: March 23 (Netflix)

A Good Person (R)

Follows Allison, whose life falls apart following her involvement in a fatal accident.

Directed by Zach Braff

Starring: Florence Pugh, Morgan Freeman, Celeste O’Connor, Molly Shannon, Zoe Lister-Jones

Release date: March 24


Love for the world and other people and about the fact that everyone deserves a second chance. When Patryk receives it from a priest Jan Kaczkowski does not even suspect how it will change his life.

Directed by Daniel Jaroszek

Starring: Dawid Ogrodnik, Piotr Trojan, Beata Zygarlicka, Grazyna Bulka, Maria Pakulnis

Release date: March 23

John Wick: Chapter 4 (R)

John Wick uncovers a path to defeating The High Table. But before he can earn his freedom, Wick must face off against a new enemy with powerful alliances across the globe and forces that turn old friends into foes.

Directed by Chad Stahelski

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Donnie Yen, Laurence Fishbourne, Bill Skarsgård, Lance Reddick

Release date: March 24

Myanmar Diaries

How does it feel to be forgotten by the world? After the military coup in 2021, these film diaries of young opposition activists in Myanmar use the cinema screen to communicate with the world in a different way than allowed TV news.

Release date: March 24

Nam June Paik: Moon Is the Oldest TV

The life and times of Nam June Paik, the father of video art, who coined the phrase “Electronic Superhighway.”

Directed by Amanda Kim

Starring: Vaibhav Gohil, Nam June Paik

Release date: March 24

The Portable Door

Paul Carpenter is an intern at a mysterious London firm with unconventional employers, including a CEO who wants to disrupt the ancient magical world with modern corporate practices.

Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Starring: Patrick Gibson, Christoph Waltz, Sam Neill, Miranda Otto, Jessica De Gouw

Release date: March 23

School of Magical Animals (PG)

Ida must transfer to a new school, where she soon realizes the students are unkind to each other. However, that all changes when a new teacher, Miss Cornfield, begins to educate them on the value of friendship and magic.

Directed by Gregor Schnitzler

Starring: Emilia Maier, Leonard Conrads, Loris Sichrovsky, Madja Uhl, Milan Peschel

Release date: March 24


In Toronto, lively music, intricate textiles and vibrant colours paint an unlikely story of love and family when, Badi and Sharon, two young students with very different upbringings from a divided Persian community, accidentally fall in love.

Directed by Faran Moradi

Starring: Sammy Azero, Mo Zeighami, Navid Negahban, Mahsa Ghorbankarimi, Ali Badshah

Release date: March 24

The Worst Ones

A group of teenagers from the same neighborhood are selected to act in a feature film during the summer.

Directed by Lise Akoka, Romane Gueret

Starring: Mallory Wanecque, Johan Heldenbergh, Esther Archambault, Timéo Mahaut, Loïc Pech

Release date: March 24

What new movies are you looking forward to this weekend?