Mid-Season Recap: The Walking Dead – Season Seven

Season 7 of The Walking Dead has brought us a lot of heartache. We lost several beloved characters. Oh, and that other guy too, Spencer.

Here’s a brief recap of season 7 to remind you where we left off.

Episode 1: “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”

Season 6 left with the ultimate cliffhanger experience. Viewers were pissed (myself included) and it’s revealed that Negan kills Glenn and Abraham. Abraham’s last words are, “Suck my nuts” and he appears to give a peace sign as a goodbye to Sasha.  Glenn’s last words to Maggie are, “I’ll find you.”


Episode 2: “The Well”

Carol and Morgan are at the Kingdom with King Ezekiel and his pet tiger, Shiva. Carol and Ezekiel seem to hit it off and it’s like Ezekiel knows that Carol is putting on a show. Carol says she doesn’t want to return to Alexandria and would rather live in solitude.


Episode 3: “The Cell” 

The best part of this episode was the song “Easy Street” that was featured in it. Sure, some of you hated it but it was a good earworm that made me download the ringtone to my cell phone. Anyhow, Daryl is captive at the Sanctuary with Negan and his gang. He’s being tortured by Dwight and tested by Negan. He never falters though. He hasn’t been broken by them.


Episode 4: “Service”

We’re back at Alexandria and we see the aftermath of Glenn and Abraham’s death. Everyone wants to fight against Negan and the Saviors except Rick. And we all know it’s a Ricktatorship so they’re not fighting. A huge announcement is made by Rick, in Maury Povich fashion. He tells Michonne that he knows he is not the father to Judith but Shane is.


Episode 5: “Go Getters”

If you’re a fan and still watching the show at this point, way to go! This is where things nose-dive. And by that I mean, the plot slows down. Even more. This episode has been called the worst of the season or, “The one where nothing happens.” Enid and Carl break out of Alexandria, they kiss (yay?) and they rollerskate (awww). Back at Hilltop, a pregnant Maggie, Sasha and Jesus have to handle a horde of walkers. That’s it.


Episode 6: “Swear”

The last episode was the worst of the season until this one aired. It’s a Tara episode. And while I appreciate that they are developing a character, it was pointless. Tara and Heath are attempting to survive on their own. They come across other survivors, possibly a woman-only group. Yeah, zzzzzzzzz……


Episode 7: “Sing Me a Song”

Carl, who is on a mission to kill Negan by himself, is captured. Negan shows him around the compound and makes him sing to him. Rosita is also on a mission to kill Negan which involves homemade bullets. Still a snoozefest but better than Episode 6.


Episode 8: “Hearts Still Beating”

A member of the Kingdom is trying to convince Carol and Morgan to fight Negan but they refuse. Back at Alexandria, Spencer is talking it up with Negan and they match up in a game of billiards. All you really need to know is that Spencer finally dies, Rosita takes a shot at Negan and hits Lucille instead. In retaliation, Negan orders one of his minions to take out one of the Alexandrians. She chooses Olivia. (Olivia was the one in charge of the rations at Alexandria). No big loss here.


The biggest problem with this season, so far, has been too many groups and too many stories. The plot went from Negan, to Alexandria, to the Kingdom, to Tara (WTF?), and it lacked suspense. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is amazing. But I don’t know if that’s enough to carry the entire show. Will I continue to watch? You’re damn right, I will. However, my patience is wearing thin.

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 12th at 9/8c.

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