Last Night on CONAN: Sharon Osbourne, Bruce Campbell, Mike Recine (9/27)

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Tuesday, September 27th, Conan had talk show host Sharon Osbourne, actor Bruce Campbell, and comedian Mike Recine.

CONAN Monologue 09/27/16: Conan jokes about Donald Trump, North Korea, “Game of Thrones,” and more…


Every True Thing Donald Trump Said At The Debate: Trump might have told a lot of whoppers, but Conan has a comprehensive supercut of every truth that he uttered.


The Conan & Andy 2016 Debate: Conan CLAIMS tonight will be a great show, but Andy is the only one that can truly make the show great again.


Tony The Cameraman Got Snubbed By The MacArthur Genius Grant Again: Tony is incredibly proud of his genius-level home-brewed IPA. Also his working cold fusion generator too.


Sharon Osbourne: Trump Doesn’t Really Want To Be President: Sharon is convinced Melania hates being in the public eye, and just wants to go back to wearing tight couture again.


Sharon Osbourne Wishes She Had A Gay Romance: Sharon is astounded that Conan has never thought about Brad Pitt or his beautiful junk.


Sharon Osbourne’s Sexy Punishment For A Cheating Ozzy: Ozzy’s penance for straying: he’s got to spend a lot of time in Sharon’s basement. So to speak.


Sharon Osbourne: Mick Jagger Looks Too Wrinkly: Sharon’s advice for Mick to smooth out his wrinkles? Have a sandwich or two.


Bruce Campbell’s Tips For Autographing Breasts: Bruce gets asked to sign a lot of bosoms, so he’s worked out his technique to make sure his John Hancock remains legible.

Bruce Campbell’s Accidental Comic-Con Pratfall: Plus, Bruce is getting a bit older, so now Ash has to rock a man-girdle.


Bruce Campbell Got High Filming “Evil Dead: Bruce was trying to channel Jack Nicholson in “Easy Rider” but just ended up a stoned mess.


Mike Recine Stand-Up 09/27/16: Mike thinks it might be weird if you kill your family because your dog tells you to, but honestly, who can say no to a talking dog?


On Wednesday’s show, Conan welcomes actor Kunal Nayyar, actress Phoebe Robinson, and musical guest Jamestown Revival.