How Shortpixel is Helping Us Be a Better Site

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As you may have noticed, is VERY graphic heavy. That is because we want to give you to a real feel for what we are writing about. Whether it’s a new comic or a convention, we want you to see the best. This means that, over the years, we have compiled a HUGE media library with hundreds of thousands of pictures. That is a LOT of graphics and they take up a lot of room. They also mean slower loading times for you.

Over 49% of our website content is images and approximately 56% of our website requests are images.

Over the last few years, we’ve tried a few different ways to speed up our site; one of those is by compressing the graphic images.  There are a lot of ways to do this, and I’ve looked at a lot of image compression programs. But after experimentation, we chose ShortPixel as the one that works most effectively for us.


Shortpixel results
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I realize that our numbers still aren’t spectacular, and I am working on that and hope to be able to give you the speed you want.

Shortpixel improved our speed overall, unfortunately the numbers are skewed a little bit as I reinstated our ad server between 10% and 20%. The photo optimization is currently only about 25% of the way through our photos, so I’m expecting the numbers to improve from here.

Overall, we have improved 0.84 seconds or approximately 9%. That’s not too bad of a difference for just one program, and it’s not finished running yet.

Check out ShortPixel on your own site and see how well they do for you.