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Gallifrey One is a convention dedicated to the British Sci-Fi TV show Doctor Who. This is one of the largest and longest-running annual Doctor Who fan conventions. This event started in 1990 and has usually occurred over Presidents’ Day Weekend at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel.

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Their 34th year was celebrated with the theme of “Miracle on 34th St”. Given the amount of outstanding Christmas specials, this is a fantastic theme and a great way to honor the series.

One fantastically weird but fun thing this event does is a pre-con meet and greet. Meet and greets with fellow attendees are not unusual in themselves. What makes this event unique is that they run over to the local burger joint, In-N-Out burgers across the street. It’s officially in the schedule, new this year is that they also added a walk to a vegan friendly restaurant down the street.


Our new thing for 2024 is to ask our readers to take a poll on some basic components of the con. We want to know how you rate the parking, the vendors and the food. The poll closes after 30 days and we will use this as a baseline for next years convention. We hope to eventually have a rating system set up for many of the conventions.

This is a celebrity driven convention and over the years they have pulled in several big names from the series run. This year’s guest list included Billie Piper, Alex Kingston, and Sir Derek Jacobi. Past celebrities have included Jodie Whittaker, Colin Baker, Christopher Eccleston, Peter Davison and Pearl Mackie. They don’t lack on guests from both the past and present series.

Cosplay photos are provided by a neutral third party with no opinions given on the event. Cosplay photos are provided to highlight the skills and enthusiasm of the photographer and cosplayers. All opinions and facts in the article are by the author.

Thanks to Lucas Micromatis we get to see some of the fantastic cosplay that was on display this year.

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7 thoughts on “Gallifrey One 2024 Cosplay Photos

  1. Not only is your poll incredibly disingenuous and frankly insulting, April, you *deliberately* came into private discussion groups comprised of attendees of this convention with your ridiculous poll about things like parking and food that a convention has absolutely no control over. And then you start the article with the most inconsequential things like one pre-convention meet-up at a local restaurant… all you did, frankly, was look at the convention’s schedule and pick items from the *first four lines* of a 300-plus-item schedule, and offered a piece about it based on that. Those pre-con meetups, just like parking and food, have NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH THE CONVENTION. You’re a troll, and this “poll” is a troll. How many other conventions have you negatively impacted in the guise of this clickbait nonsense “poll” garbage?

  2. Have you actually ever been to Gallifrey One?

    Gallifrey is NOT driven by celebrities. Tickets go on sale months before any celebrities have been announced.
    Your post is factually incorrect.

  3. The parking, the vendors and the food?????

    C’mon, guys. You need to do better than that. What the dickens does parking and food have to do with the con – especially as it has been pointed out (on another forum) by the folks who run the con that they have absolutely no control over either of those things.

    What about content? What about the fans? What about perspectives?

    You need to get your priorities straight if you’re going to post a meaningful poll…

    1. Parking, vendors and food are a baseline we are using for all the conventions to give us a starting point to rate all cons (big and small). Parking and food refers to availability, ease and cost. If neither are available in the area or vastly overpriced that will affect attendance at the event. The rating system will be expanding once we have a baseline for the cons. Vendors is in reference to the overall quality and diversity. If a con has too many pop vendors, heat pack resellers and gutter installers then the vendor quality is going to be poor

      1. You should actually attend the convention before writing an article about it. You have zero idea of what actually goes on at Gallifrey One. You literally have no idea what you are talking about.

  4. Why are you rating this convention on parking, availability of food, and other things the Con staff and con goers have no control over (none of which have anything to do with cosplay, btw)? Why just bring up the In-And-Out run while ignoring the vast topics of panels actually during the con, the creativity of the art show, the dedication of the staff, the variety of the vendors, the MASQUERADE/COSTUME CONTEST, and the incredible atmosphere of family that permeates the entire convention?

    1. These three questions are the most commonly asked questions that are not covered on a conventions website. As we receive feedback on the new polling system we are upgrading it.
      We have comments open so attendees can voice their opinions of the convention

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