[Cosplay Photos] The Convergence

The Convergence
THe Convergence

The Convergence is not a cosplay convention, in fact it is not a convention at all. This is an exclusive event that was held at Evermore Park on May 2nd-4th.

This was a fully-immersive Dungeons and Dragons game held at Quincy’s Tavern, within the park itself. The Convergence is an immersive D&D getaway into the world of The Lucky Gryphon Tavern. Your journey began on Tuesday with a welcome event and was followed by two days of exclusive gaming with professional Dungeon Masters, and in your down time you got access to Evermore Park.  

Nickolas Hogan of DP & Co. Photography was there as a VIP, but got some shots as well. Be sure to head over to his page to see the rest of his cosplay pics.

He can also be found at:

Instagram: DistalsPlace
Twitter: @distalsplace
TikTok: distalsplace
Twitch: DistalsPlace

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