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MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention) was held over the weekend of April 15th to 17th in Nashville, TN. This has been an annual event dedicated to anime, gaming, music, and Japanese popular arts and culture since 1999.

This year saw a new venue, The Grand Hyatt, in downtown Nashville. Unfortunately, there are several complaints, not about the facility itself, but the hotel the staff. It seems that management and staff were rude to several people and gave conflicting information. Many attendees were also dissatisfied with the layout of the vendors room.

Now onto the cosplay photos. They were provided to us courtesy of KJestine Basham.

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2 thoughts on “[Cosplay Photos] MTAC 2022

  1. is there any sort of folder with professional photos? had my picture taken by “official” mtac staff but can’t find any photos anywhere a year later

    1. You would have to check with MTAC and the photographer. Unfortunately, not all photos that are taken are used for various reasons. I’ve deleted photos because of everything from lighting issues to things in the background that were inappropriate.

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