[Cosplay Photos] Ichibancon 2023

Ichibancon 2023 featured image

Ichibancon is a four-day, anime-based event in Concord, North Carolina. This year’s event was held January 12-15th. It features a variety of entertainment including concerts, live acts, industry and media guests, DJs, artists, and vendors.

This year’s diverse guest list include musical talent Adassa, the voice talents of Chris Patton, Linda Young, Kent Williams, Cynthia Cranz, and John Swasey, writer David Gerstein, Vtuber Elara, and Illustrator Erik Rosengarten.

Thanks to Carlos Alvarez Ochoa, we get to see some of the great cosplay that was in attendance. This is only a sampling of his photos; if you want to see more of them, then head over to the Facebook Ichibancan group.

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