Cosplay Photos: CosAwesome – Part 1: The Photographers

CosAwesome is a convention unlike many out there. You won’t find vendors with rows of Pop Vinyls or mystery boxes; there are no celebrities with outrageous pricing and mile long lines. In fact, you can’t even purchase tickets to it.

CosAwesome is a private, invite-only event put on by cosplayers and photographers for fellow cosplayers and photographers.

This event is about cosplay, but it is also about photography. This once-a-year event gives everyone a chance to improve their portfolios and their skills.  Cosplayers get to pull out new costumes and try new poses with trusted photographers, and photographers get to try new equipment and photography styles. This is the also the chance for photographers to request that ‘perfect’ pose or look that they want for their own portfolios.

You really have to respect these photographers. They spent the time to help cosplayers achieve the perfect pose and then contorted themselves to achieve the right angle. It was not uncommon to find a photographer laying on the floor or hanging precariously from a ladder.