[Cosplay Photos] Chicago TARDIS 2022 – Saturday

Chicago Tardis 2022 Saturday
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Day two of Chicago TARDIS at The Westin Chicago Lombard. Once again, it was beautiful weather. It is highly unusual that you don’t need a coat in November, at least in Illinois, so I am certain that contributed to some lower overall numbers at the convention. However, the convention did claim that the individual day passes for Saturday sold out.

There were several disappointments this year, not least of which was the lack of Dalek Alley. Typically, there is a hallway lined with Daleks and this year we got none. However, Abbi Rago was nice enough to fill in with her Belle/Dalek mash-up (Would that be a Bellek?).

Chicago Tardis 2022

There was also a visible lack of vendors and artists of Doctor Who merchandise. Even the room dedicated to artists and crafters had very few tables. It was nice, however, to see that Chronicles of Who, the Doctor Who Fan Club was once again present with their famous fudge.

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Despite it all, there was still a significant quantity of fans and cosplayers there to share their love of Doctor Who and to visit with some of the celebs.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me! I was that Second Doctor, definitely cannot wait to come next year!

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