Cosplay Photos – C2E2 2017 Groups

If you’ve ever been to a convention, I’m sure you’ve seen cosplay groups. These are groups of cosplayers that manage to coordinate so everyone is either matching in costumes, or part of theme. This year at C2E2 there were several such groups. I had the honor of joining the Zoo Crew Group as Alley Kat Abra.   I was also lucky enough to follow the Classic Marvel Characters group, which just seemed to grow as the day progressed.

Zoo Crew Courtesy of Ron Ladao and Costumers with a Cause

Here is a compilation of the marvel group throughout the day. Sorry I couldn’t get individual shots of all of you.


There are plenty of great shots of the Thermians from Galaxy Quest, but none of the pictures truly do the group credit (without sound). Chicago ConPics shot a great video;

Fifth Element Stewardesses by Aldo Martinez Photography
The DC Universe by Aldo Martinez Photography
Fairies by Sandra King
Anchorman group by Power Cosmic Photography
Judges vs. Gears of War by Bridget Cho

These are only a fraction of the organized groups that were out there, each more awesome than the next.

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