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Steven K. Smith of SKS Props offering cosplay tips to help your building!

We watch a lot of cosplayers & builders and one of our favorites to watch is SKS Props. He makes some fantastic builds and shows us how to create them ourselves. Along the way, he frequently gives us valuable tips and tricks.

Everyone has their own methods of building, including the different agents to keep their cosplays together – almost everyone uses glue. They may not agree on the type they use, but glue is an invaluable, but expensive, resource.

In this video, Steven tells us one of the ways to save money on your cosplay builds by saving money on the glue.

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About SKS Props:

Steven K. Smith (aka SKS Props) is a professional fabricator, artist, and owner of SKS Prop and Costume Supply, which produces a line of high-density foam supplies called HD-Foam. Widely known in the cosplay community for his detailed builds, or foam recreations, he is uniquely inspired by the fascinating worlds of popular video games and pop culture. His award-winning reproductions have gained widespread acclaim at multiple conventions and expos including Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo, TwitchCon, and more. He lives with his wife and children in St. Louis, Missouri. is an affiliate and will make a small percentage off sales on this site.

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