[Convention] Wizard World Chicago 2021 – Sunday Panels

wizard world panels


I had planned to attend a few panels on Saturday, but I never reached that point, so on Sunday I sat in on a few that were held by some good friends.

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Wulfgar Weapons hosted a panel on the cosplay stage about Prop and Costume Building 101. This is a specialty of theirs as they have been building props for several years. It was entertaining and educational. We learned a lot, especially about different glues and their capabilities. We walked away away from the panel with the mantra “Do not use E6000”, unfortunately when I do build cosplays, that has been one of my favorite go-to’s. Apparently they do not like it because of the toxic fumes it generates.

The other panel we attended was at the end of the day. This was the Over 30 Cosplay panel, every member of the panel was over 30, many beyond 50. They were there to talk about equality and how you are never too old to do what you enjoy.

It was a great panel filled with inspiring people from all walks of life and the panel went well over it’s allotted time due to the quality of questions and answers by both the audience and panelists. This made it the official closer for Wizard World 2021 and the final panel ever held at Wizard World.

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