Check Out a Red Skull’s Coupe in Legos

If you are fan of Captain America: The First Avenger, you might recognize this vehicle. It is Johann Schmidt’s Coupe (aka Red Skull). According to the Marvel MCU Wikia:

Schmidt drove the car during his invasion of TønsbergNorway in March 1942. In November 1943, he let Arnim Zola use it to escape the burning HYDRA Weapons Facility in Austria when Captain America invaded, requesting only that Zola when driving it not leave the car with a scratch. Zola returned the car back to the Red Skull once they regrouped.

During the next two years, the Red Skull continued to use the car to travel to other HYDRA facilities. Often, he would arrive to find the locations destroyed due to the actions of Captain America and the Howling Commandos.

In May 1945, the car was appropriated by Chester Phillips when Schmidt took off in his plane.


Lucas Inc. decided to give this car a shot and make it out of LEGOs. He did a great job, if you ask me.