Ximphonic Versus: Lore – Check Out the Spectacular Episode #2 Trailer

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Ximphonic Versus

We are very excited to once again be able to share with our fans the newest trailer for a brand new series from creative producer Xing Xin, which is in development for television program and soon to be published comic book, Ximphonic Versus.

Back in May, we were able to see an exclusive 5 page sneak peek of Xin’s grand fantasy epic and we were instantly blown away! The gorgeously rich art of course draws you in at first sight, but what really astounded me, was how deeply evolved and twisted this story had already established within itself.

I’ve already said this artwork and story is a mashed jumble of  greatness from the best of Japanese artwork, sci-fi, fantasy, with vibes of manga. But at the same time Ximphonic Versus is so uniquely different with its attention to intelligently breathtaking details in its backstories. There is nothing else like Ximphonic Versus, that is why it is so exciting to see Xing Xin’s work progress as his project comes along. Below is the newest trailer from Xing Xin, that explains more to us about the legends and lore of the fantastic lands found in The Glass Kingdom. Spectacles that are only seen in the upcoming Ximphonic Versus animated series coming end of 2016/ early 2017 and soon to be announced comic book. More news when available.

Ximphonic Versus double page spread

Synopsis: Ximphonic Versus: Fabula Cristallum Thronus

The Glass Kingdom is the last seat of power untouched by the 800 year war. The series main female heroine Lunafryst stars opposite prince Addonnis in this somber tale. This episode focuses on elements of her ancestors and how they established the provinces of the eastern laws.

Ximphonic Versus: Lore

Broken Heart Productions Creative Team:

Xing Xin – Creator, writer, penciler, inker, colorist, Art Director & Lead Designer of all characters, landscapes, weapons, textures and light renders/digital colors
Endro Yuwono – Lead Colorist
Kevin Combs – Second Lead Colorist
Dennis Mundt – 3D Logos
Nicko Zuriaga – Matte Painter/3D Backgrounds
Taylor Esposito – Professional Letter

Ximphonic Versus, has been acquired for Worldwide Distribution by US based Global Genesis Group , LLC as an Animated TV series. Xing Xin, will be one of the show’s Executive Producers.

XV: Fabula Cristallum Thronus Coming 2016 from Broken Heart Productions: Somnia Eorum