[Wrestling] An In-Depth Look at AEW’s Revolution PPV + Predictions

Written by Shining Polaris

All Elite Wrestling‘s first Pay-Per-View of the year will be this Sunday at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. This will be their most-packed show since the Chicago Revolution event in February 2020 and their first pay-per-view since November’s Full Gear.

Tickets for this year’s Revolution went on sale two weeks ago and sold out in about 30 minutes. More seats were released a few days later. AEW prides itself on having a safe show and closely following the CDC guidelines. The Pay-Per-View will be available in the USA on BR/Live for $49.99 with the preshow starting at 7 PM ET, and the main show starting at 8 PM ET.

This year, the card is stacked and I will be going through each match with my prediction on the outcome. These are just my opinions and, most importantly, it is for fun! 

These matches (beside the pre-show and main event) are not in any order.

Buy in Match – Women’s Tag Team Match Thunder Rose/Rhio Vs. Dr. Britt Baker/Reba

(Available on AEW Youtube Channel for free)

These are the top women wrestlers in AEW. Each have recently lost in the Women’s Eliminator Tournament. Thunder Rosa and Dr. Britt Baker have been feuding for several weeks and the discord will probably continue after this match. Baker has been predicted to be the next Champion. My prediction is Dr. Britt Baker will win this one, with the help of Reba, by distraction. Online speculation is that Reba may have been injured, which will allow Dr. Baker to choose a new tag team. The general guess is that her partner will be the Impact Women’s Champion, Deonna Purrazzo. AEW and Impact Wrestling have a working relationship and this would be a cool cross-promotion match. However, the possibility of who Deonna could be facing in AEW could be very interesting.

AEW Tag Team

Tag Team Championship Match – The Young Bucks Vs. The Inner Circle’s Chris Jericho/MJF

Tony Khan (President & CEO of AEW) was on AEW Unrestricted when he said that this match will be the opening contest to Revolution. Jericho and MJF won their spot to challenge The Young Bucks for the belts after winning the Tag Team Battle Royal at Beach Break. My prediction is Jericho and MJF will be very close to beating the Young Bucks (no doubt the Inner Circle will use a variety of distractions and cheating methods to beat down the World Champions). Either doing their pre-celebration dance or going for their finisher, ex-Inner Circle member Sammy Guevara will come out to stop them.

Sammy, the Spanish God, quit the Inner Circle and had taken a break from wrestling. This would be huge, as fans have been waiting for Sammy to turn full face. To be able to finally attack his “rival,” MJF, during a high stakes match, would be the icing on the cake. This would mean that The Young Bucks could take advantage of the distraction to pin the Inner Circle tag team and retain their championship.  

The other possible prediction on the other side of the ring is regarding Kenny Omega, the current AEW Champion, and his manager Don Callis, who has been trying to reunite the Elite/Bullet Club. So far, the group consists of Omega, the Young Bucks, and the Good Brothers. It may seem like the family is back together, but the Young Bucks and the Good Brothers have not always seen eye-to-eye. My other possible prediction is the Young Bucks will receive the “help” of the Good Brothers. The Good Brothers have previously interfered with the Young Bucks. In the past, when the Young Bucks expected the Good Brothers to assist, they didn’t or they were too late. It is possible that their “help” will drive a wedge further between the two tag teams.  

Tag Team Grudge Match: Miro/Kip Sabian Vs. Orange Cassidy/Chuck Taylor

I am a huge fan of the Best Friends, but even I (and the wrestling community) have criticized this feud. This have been going on for a very long time and seems to have little direction. Miro has potential to be a huge heavyweight star, and it seems he is wasted by pairing up with Kip Sabian and his wife Penelope Ford. With that being said, the outcome of this match could be the start of the Miro push we all want to see. I predict the winners of this match (by pinning Kip) will be the super babyface team of Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor (after powering though the many underhanded shots and distractions from the heels). As a result of Miro and Kip Sabian losing, Miro will turn on Kip believing it was Kip’s fault they lost and their partnership can finally end.  

AEW Casino Royale

Tag Team Battle Royale: Winner gets a shot at the Future Tag Team Belts

Every AEW PPV must have a Battle Royale.  This royale will consist of every tag team in AEW (including some teams that appear regularly on AEW Dark). Battle Royales can be used to start or further new feuds and storylines.  It will be interesting to see what develops here. I will predict the last team standing will be the Death Triangle (Pac and Rey Fenix), who was also the last tag team to be announced for this match. (Possible FTR showing up to complain why are they not in this Battle Royale and also to tease more about the Four Horseman coming together)

Matt Hardy Vs. Adam Page 

“Big Money” Matt Hardy has been trying to trick Adam Page to become his client for weeks. Recently, Adam tricked Matt into signing up for this match. The winner will receive all of the loser’s first quarter earnings. No doubt, Matt will be trying to cheat throughout this match with possible assistance from his clients Private Party and TH2. Adam is currently AEW’s biggest rising star and babyface, and he is also aligned with the Dark Order (who are the most popular faction in AEW). Which makes this match predictable, as they will be helping him against any of Matt’s compatriots. After a long bout with Matt, Adam will pin him for the win, then walk out with his Dark Order friends as they celebrate.

AEW Ladder match

Faces of Revolution Ladder Match

Ladder matches are always fun to watch. They are fast-paced and have a lot of destruction. This match will determine who will face Darby Allin for a future TNT title shot. The winner will literally, “have to grab a brass ring,” said Tony Khan during his AEW Unrestricted interview. There will be six contestants: Cody Rhodes, Scorpio Sky, Lance Archer, Penta El Zero M, and Max Castor. The last will be revealed at Revolution and many viewers will tune-in to find out who the surprise final entry is. There is speculation that it will be Ethan Page from Impact. Page recently left Impact and hasn’t shown up since. Also, now that AEW and Impact Wrestling are in partnership, fans have been waiting for more crossover matches. My prediction is the winner will be Ethan Page. Everyone in this match has already had their TNT title shot, except for Penta and Max. My reasoning why Penta and Max will not win is because they are mostly Tag Team wrestlers. 

Street Fight: Sting/Darby Allin Vs. Brian Cage/Ricky Starks

This is the most promoted match on the Revolution card. Ever since the veteran Sting debuted at ‘Winter is Coming,’ fans have waited to see him back in the ring. Sting, at 61 years old, has proven to doubters that he can still go in the ring. He recently took a devastating power bomb by Brian Cage and came back giving the Stinger to Ricky Starks. We are not completely sure how this match will go down and whether it will be live. The match will be brutal since Darby Allin has been feuding with the FTW team since last May. After a long, violent bout, there is no doubt that Sting and the current TNT Champion, Darby Allin, will emerge victorious.  

Big Signee Announcement 

On the take home show, Paul Wight gave a huge announcement stating that during Revolution someone “Hall of Fame-worthy” will be revealed. The internet melted down trying to figure out who this person is. Tony Khan said on AEW Unrestricted that, “a major, huge, huge star in the world of wrestling that will be signing a multi-year deal.” Big names have been thrown out such as Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Christian, Dave Bautista, and many more. It is hard to figure out since many of those names have already gone on Twitter saying it is not them. Many of those same people have also previously trolled wrestling fans. I, personally, hope it is CM Punk because he has tried to get an AEW deal in the past, but it fell through. He also stated that he will join AEW “when the time and opponent is right” and many fans think the time is now. CM Punk recently went on Twitter saying it is not him and to stop asking him. Fans are thinking only wrestlers from WWE, but it could be any promotion. I believe, more realistically, the wrestler will be Okada from NJPW (AEW and NJPW very also in a working relationship) or Rob Van Dam.

AEW Barb Wire

Kenny Omega Vs. Jon Moxley for the World Title Belt in a Barbwire Death Match

This match is getting a lot of buzz because of the statement that it will be “The most brutal match in AEW history.” It was also hyped more by Tony Khan during his interview on AEW Unrestricted. Ever since Kenny Omega “stole” the World Title from him, Jon Moxley has been waiting for his chance to win back his belt. Omega defeated Mox with the help of his manager, Don Callis, behind the referee’s back. This feud has since resulted in many amazing main event matches. Moxley already had to deal with Kenny and the Elite. He also managed to get in trouble with the original Bullet Club from Japan. Moxley is currently the holder of the IWGP USA Heavyweight belt from NJPW and Kenta, a Bullet Club member, attacked Moxley on AEW. Moxley recently defeated Kenta on NJPW to retain his belt, then Moxley said, “If I see any Bullet Club shenanigans, I will run them over in the parking lot with my car…” I predict that Moxley will be very close to defeating Kenny Omega, but just when he is about to destroy him, someone from the Bullet Club comes out beat him down and cost him the match. I am hoping this will be Kenta (but Kenta was recently tweeting he is back in Japan), but it could be anyone from this huge stable. I will predict further and hope it will be GOD/Guerrillas of Destiny (GOD are currently in Florida and have been actively taking shots at the “Fake Bullet Club” for weeks). Kenny Omega (who use to be part of Bullet Club) will be thrilled that his “brothers” are here to save him. GOD came to take care of Moxley, but now that is done, they are ready to deal with Kenny and the Elite. 

This is a very long shot “dream booking,” but Moxley will lose the because it is known that he wants to take a break from wrestling for family reasons. This will also help continue the Kenny Omega story as he collect all the belts from around the world.

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