Perro Aguayo Dies from Injuries Suffered vs. Rey Mysterio! Lucha Libre Wrestler

Perro Aguayo Jr

35-year-old Perro Aguayo Jr., a well known Mexican wrestler with Lucha Libre and promoter, has passed away as a result of injuries suffered during a match on Friday night in Tijuana, Mexico. Known as “El Hijo del Perro,” Pedro Aguayo Ramírez was a Mexican champion and son of legendary performer Perro Aguayo. Aguayo who was participating in part of a tag-team match with wrestlers Manik vs. the team of Rey Mysterio and Xtreme Tiger. (video in article)

I will caution that even though there are plenty of reports and the video showing the hit that many think is the deadly blow, I highly stress that It was not clear what caused his death. However, reports say Aguayo died early Saturday, more than likely from damage to his trachea resulting from whiplash from a Rey Mysterio hit.

What really disturbed me the most is the attitude the crowd, wrestlers and refs took toward the injured Aguayo. Video from the match shows Aguayo clearly going limp and just hanging on the ropes while other wrestlers continued the performance of dangerous moves around his body. The wrestlers kept the show going to the urging of the crowd not giving former AAA, WCW, WWF wrestler Konan any help in his attempts to revive Perro and draw everyone’s attention to the danger at hand. Thus hampering any chances to help the unconscious wrestler from the ring and having to wait till the match was finished to assist the fallen man.

WARNING: The following video will be disturbing to all viewers.