Last month we told our readers about the three-way partnership deal between Dreamworks, Netflix that would lead into the rebooting of the classic Voltron series. The deal also included a completely separated project from famed director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pacific Rim). Just to make it clear to confused fans due to misleading headlines, Del Torro’s project has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Dreamworks / Netflix Voltron series. As much as I fantasizes about this possibility immediately following watching Pacific Rim in 2013. I could see the director dong the same to his incredible sci-fi giant-robots vs enormous monsters, smash-em-up movie and do that same thing with the cult classic animated cartoon series. Alas, it is not the case, fans should still be very excited by what Dreamworks and Netflix have in store for lion-force.

It does seem that Dreamworks is going to have a good handle on the upcoming Voltron venture as the very first official logo / teaser image have been released exclusively on TheNerdest. With an ominous looking, shadowy giant robot figure in the background, we get our first teaser glimpse of the once iconic figure. Now in an all new series named Voltron: Legendary Defender! As all signs so far are seemingly good for another hit series on Netflix, fans of any version of the action series are very eager to learn more. The nostalgia factor is building, of growing up watching the animated series of space explorer teenage kids who protected the universe with their metal lion ships that could combine and transform into the mighty Voltron when the time was needed to vanquish the most unstoppable foes. It was a tale of grand adventure and the freedom to explore young minds imaginations, I do hope that is what this new series brings to the newer and old generations of space adventurers.


Let us know what you think so far about Voltron official logo and series news so far. We will be sure to bring you all the real facts as we always stay away from rumors, speculations and we most certainly don’t confuse our readers with click-bait headlines.

2 thoughts on “Voltron: Legendary Defender Official Logo Released by Dreamworks and Netflix!

    1. We would hope so too. But since this is Dreamworks headed project, I’m expecting more along the lines of “How To Train Your Dragon” or the “Penguins” Netflix series quality. For Voltron’s sake they better stay away form the people who did the Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda TV series. That one was dreadful!

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