[Video] What We Watched: Fun Clips from the Past Week – September 14-20

While we’re all staying at home, a lot of us are watching things online. With the plethora of videos available, and more being created every day, it’s an enjoyable way to pass the time and bring a little fun into our lives. Some of these may be brand new, some may be older, but here are a few of the videos I enjoyed this week.

Earlier this week, The Mandalorian won 5 Emmys at the Creative Arts Emmys, and actor Joonas Suotamo took to social media to congratulate those who worked on the streaming series. With the help of his “family band” they played a very familiar tune in the cutest way possible.

Sometimes you never know just who might show up on live tv. Earlier this week, Avengers actor Chris Hemsworth just happened to show up on a morning show as the reporter was about to give the weather report. Deferring to the man who plays the God of Thunder, Hemsworth gave the weather report and joked around with the reporter and anchors for a few minutes.

If quarantining at home has done one thing, it’s give musicians the time to really show off their skills. This cellist not only recording herself playing all 8 parts of the Jurassic Park theme, but she did it while wearing dinosaur pajamas!

During the summer, even animals get hot. The National Zoo in Washington D.C. got creative and gave some of its sloths, meerkats, armadillos, and other animals slices of watermelon to beat the heat. If this isn’t one of the cutest things you’ve seen recently, I don’t know what is!

Exercising these days can be hard. Not all gyms are open, and you might not want to venture outside if your local paths and parks get crowded, so what is there to do? Back in January, one enterprising Youtuber decided to turn an old treadmill into a PS4 controller so he could exercise while playing his favorite video games. It’s quite hilarious to see him and his friends try it out, because it really is quite a workout!

Paul Rudd is just the gift that keeps on giving. In this PSA, Rudd cements his status as a “certified young person” by using all manner of slang to convince people to wear their masks. I certainly couldn’t get through this without laughing out loud!

With Wonder Woman 1984 delayed yet again to Christmas Day, fans of the Amazonian warrior need a little something to help tide them over. Do you remember the social media challenge after the first movie of women hiding swords in their dresses just like Diana? If you didn’t get in on the fun the first time around, here’s a handy how-to when you want to look classy, but still stay armed.

On the subject of Star Wars, the trailer for the new season of The Mandalorian dropped this week, and it’s all that Star Wars fans have been talking about. We get a peek at Mando’s new mission, plenty of fighting, and not nearly enough Baby Yoda!

What have you been watching this week?