[Video] What We Watched: Fun Clips from the Past Week – February 15-21

While we’re all staying at home, a lot of us are watching things online. With the plethora of videos available, and more being created every day, it’s an enjoyable way to pass the time and bring a little fun into our lives. Some of these may be brand new, some may be older, but here are a few of the videos I enjoyed this week.

Late this past week, it was announced that a new Supergirl had been cast in the DCEU as part of the upcoming The Flash movie starring Ezra Miller. Director Andy Muschietti recorded the video call when he broke the good news with actress Sasha Calle, and shared the moment heart-warming moment via Instagram.

Nerds all over the world are obviously missing the chance to attend events like cons, and cosplayers are certainly sharing that feeling. Sure, we have time to work on costumes now, but what’s the point if there’s nowhere to wear them to? This amusing parody of Alanis Morissette‘s song ‘Ironic’ talks about the quandary many cosplayers have faced this past year with all these costumes and no place to wear them to!

I think it’s safe to say that we have hit that point of winter where most of us are sick of the cold and snow. This dog, named Stella, feels similarly, except her hatred is pointed specifically at snowmen. This video features a compilation of Stella destroying every snowman she comes across with reckless abandon, and I think it’s safe to say that many of us would like to be right there alongside her!

Art can take many forms, both big and small. Italian artist Valeriano Fatica has taken his carving skills to coffee beans, carving the faces of some of your favorite Marvel characters into them. Though they may be tiny, the amount of detail that Fatica puts into these carvings is simply stunning!

Last week, the trailer for the new Mortal Kombat movie dropped. I may not be particularly familiar with the video games on which it is based, but this looks like it should be pretty fantastic!

The other big trailer that came out this week was for Disney’s Cruella, which tells the backstory of the 101 Dalmations villain Cruella de Ville, with actress Emma Stone in the titular role. It does not look like my particular cup of tea, but I know plenty of people who are excited to see the film.

Training to be in an action movie is no joke, especially if you are a self-proclaimed 58-year-old who’s never worked out. In this video, actor Bob Odenkirk takes you through how he got in shape for his upcoming action film, Nobody. The fun thing about this video is that a lot of his workouts were done with minimal equipment, which is perfect if you’re still stuck a home but are looking for some fun ways to stay active.

The reboot of Disney’s DuckTales cartoon is coming to an end soon after its upcoming third season, but this video of the cast doing a dramatic reading of the show’s iconic theme song is quite endearing!

When someone talks about a pet doing tricks, you might not first think they were talking about a cat. However, in the video below, Anika and her cat Alexis show that cats can certainly be trained to do lots of tricks. Anika started teaching Alexis to do tricks a couple weeks after first bringing her home, and you can see the results of all that training in the video below when the duo set the record for the most number of cat tricks in one minute.

What have you been watching this week?