Fun videos sure to make you smile!

While we’re all staying at home, a lot of us are watching things online. With the plethora of videos available, and more being created every day, it’s an enjoyable way to pass the time and bring a little fun into our lives. Some of these may be brand new, some may be older, but here are a few of the videos I enjoyed this week.

I’m not quite sure what about this makes it so special, but watching this alpaca enjoy his banana (peel included!) just makes me break out in a huge smile!

Lots of people have used this prolonged time at home to have some fun with their pets. The maker of this video designed a prison escape-type maze for their hamster, and it even gets a bit harrowing at times!

It has to be almost impossible to get through this video without at least cracking a smile. I can guarantee that if I was having a bad day, a random stranger running up to me and challenging me to a pillow fight would turn my day right around! Something so pure and wholesome really gives you faith in humanity and reminds you that spontaneous bits are needed more often!

‘Tis the season for extravagant house displays! Every year people love expressing their holiday cheer with shows of bright lights set to music. Here are two such examples, set to “Take On Me” and music from Star Wars.

Gingerbread houses are another way for folks to show their holiday cheer, in addition to their creative skill. This baker was tasked with recreating the house from Home Alone, and did not disappoint in the least!

Here’s a blast from the past, showing the meeting of legends from two different generations – Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing “Little Drummer Boy”. While their musical styles may be vastly different, they sing quite well together. Additionally, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly parodied the encounter several years ago with their own comedic touches added.

Nothing makes it truly feel like winter except an old-fashioned snowball fight. This video takes that literally showing a snowball fight from 1896 that has been colorized. It goes to show you that even 124 years ago, people had a whole lot of fun throw snow at each other!

What have you been watching this week?