[Video] Viewing Videos w/ Vicki – March 15-21

It’s safe to say that there are a lot of videos out on the internet. Even aside from streaming television shows and movies, entire websites and apps are built around creating and sharing videos, and we love sharing the ones we enjoy so that others might enjoy them as well. Here are some of the videos (both new and old) I’ve enjoyed watching the past week, and I hope you enjoy them as well!

If there is one shining example of reality competition shows, it would be The Great British Bake Off. The show features home bakers that are battling for a top prize, but it never gets overly unpleasant, and they will even occasionally help each other a bit. The show recently held its celebrity edition as a fundraiser for Stand Up To Cancer, featuring stars like Daisy Ridley and James McAvoy. The clip below shows the McAvoy’s turn on the show, obviously having a bit of fun while also doing the best a self-described non-baker can do to impress the judges.


When technology and creativity combine, the results can be pretty delicious, such as the new CandyPlay 3D pen from Polaroid. All you need to do is load the candy cartridge of your choice and draw away! If you don’t know where to start, the kit comes with a few sheets of stencils to help you along.

Fan films have come a long way. While there are still shorts filmed by groups of friends on absolutely no budget, nowadays we also get ones that even attract well-known Hollywood names. Batman: Dying Is Easy is a new Batman fan film from Bat in the Sun that stars such recognizable names as Doug Jones, Michael Madsen, Casper Van Dien, Chris Daughtry, and others. The film sees Batman taking on quite a slew of villains, and is quite a ride!

This past Friday saw the premiere of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+. The series sees Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan reprise their MCU roles to begrudgingly pair up and take on new adversaries that threaten the safety of the world. I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode, and am really excited to see where the story goes!

A really fun piece of superhero tech that we saw in Iron Man 2 was Tony Stark suit that fit inside a suitcase. JLaservideo on YouTube finally acquiesced to his followers’ requests to make the expandable suit, making it entirely out of metal and complete with lights, lasers, and fire. It resulted in a lot of firsts for the engineer, and the resulting certainly speaks for itself!

Regardless of your feelings about Wonder Woman 1984, this gag reel of the film certainly shows that while making a movie can be a lot of hard work, there’s always a bit of fun and a few laughs to be had!

Public spaces like museums and aquariums are slowly reopening, and to celebrate that fact, staff at the Monterey Bay Aquarium made a video about some of their favorite creatures!

It’s always fun watching things explode, especially when we’re talking about things like buildings or bridges. Something about the scale of destruction makes it even more enjoyable. Several years ago, WGN in Chicago was waiting to broadcast a bridge implosion… when they cut away to do the weather and missed it, and it has now become a recurring joke for them. Earlier this week, they had another shot at it, and you’ll see what happened below!


What videos have you enjoyed this week?